‘You’re A F**king Plague’ Another Country Wants Woke Californians & New Yorkers Gone

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Woke liberals that can afford it are fleeing from New York and California to places like Mexico City. Rather than living in the misery they voted for they took their money and ran for greener pastures.

Wealthy woke liberals from Silicon Valley and Brooklyn, New York, flooded to the city, taking advantage of the low prices, cheap rent, and mild COVID restrictions. Now, they are staying because of Bidenflation, and residents are furious.

As wealthy Americans from California and New York move in, they are destroying the local economy.

“We’re the only brown people. We’re the only people speaking Spanish except the waiters,” writer and university professor Fernando Bustos Gorozpe, 28, said.

A local business owner who moved to Mexico City, Dan Defossey, recognized that “Mexico is not cheap for Mexicans.”

“Americans can come here, and they can afford everything and live like kings and queens,” Defossey told the LA Times.

Locals have begun to organize against the liberals moving in and started a group identifying “places we have lost to gentrification, touristification and forced displacement.”

“Our homes now house digital nomads,” read a flier for the event.

Posters reading “New to the city? Working remotely? You’re a f—ing plague and the locals f—ing hate you. Leave.” were also recently posted around the city.

The average salary in Mexico City is $450 a month, and for just $2,000, a person could afford a penthouse.

This isn’t just happening in Mexico, nationals in Portugal are also demanding woke Californians leave.

We previously reported:

Activists are now taking to the streets protesting the woke Californians that are making it difficult to live.

“You cannot deny that places like Lisbon have become much more appealing for young, creative people with money to spend. The effect on the economy and the way the buildings look — no longer empty — is astronomical,” Luis Mendes, a geographer at the University of Lisbon, told the Los Angeles Times. “But the average Portuguese person can no longer afford to live in the center of Lisbon. Rents have gone up five times over a few years. Even the basic things, such as buying groceries, take longer trips outside the city center than they used to.”

Now that we are learning how many woke liberals fled the country during the coronavirus, it’s making me wonder about something. How many of these American blue checkmark liberals and social media accounts that praise Fauci, condemned Trump, worship the vaccine, and love Bidenflation actually live in the United States?

On social media, using their phones, they are railing against the unvaccinated and demanded lockdowns while they are sitting unmasked in a cafe in Mexico City.

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