WOW! Biden BUSTED During LIVE Interview With Liberal Ally CNN! [VIDEO]

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Can you even think for a second what kind of job it must be to keep Joe Biden from falling on his face during ever media appearance?

He has been in politics for decades and still has trouble with the easy ones. Could it be that the liberal savior is going and going fast in terms of the mental department?

And why is this the case? Why does Joe appears to need notes to read off, for an interview about China?

Your guess is as good as mine, but I’m putting my money on cognitive decline and I’m betting IT ALL. . In just the past 8 years, the difference in Joe’s speech and demeanor is staggering.

This is not unusual, as people age, but the difference is Joe is running for the most powerful position in the world!

Yet even with all the alleged medications, Joe appears to barely be hanging on, for his wife and handlers.

With President Trump’s acceptance speech only hours away on Thursday, the 77-year-old Joe Biden appeared, via skype, on fake news networks.

VP nominee Kamala Harris was out trying to create some excitement for their ticket, flying to DC … and anywhere else someone would listen, while Joe was speaking to the media, not out meeting voters, from his $2.7 million Rehoboth Beach home.

Biden appeared on MSNBC and CNN for his softball interviews.

Biden’s cognitive issues are so bad at this point that he was reading from a script while struggling to get through his interview with CNN anchor Anderson Cooper.

I say to Joe “Come On Man”.

If Joe Biden needs a script for easy softball interviews, what happens when he is negotiating with totalitarian leaders from Iran, North Korea, Russia, and China?

How does he not just give away our country, as Obama did, and with Joe’s temper, possibly get us back into more military conflicts?


President Trump supporters, the key to winning is getting Biden in front of as many voters as possible.

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