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by Cherylynn Costner:

When women speak do people listen? That depends on who you would ask.  However, a study of the Academy of Management Journal, finds that a lot of research suggests that those who speak the most in groups tend to emerge as leaders.  Those who speak up most according to the research were men voicing ideas.  Women tend to stay silent on both ideas and problems.

The politically correct craze has made people fear they might say the wrong thing at the wrong time.  What does that mean for our “leaders” of the future?.

Safe spaces give people a chance to self-sooth in room where offending people is off limits.  Whose idea was that one?  It seems like NOT teaching students that there are things in the world that we do not like does not mean we have to retreat into a safe places, as if it is not “SAFE” to have an opposing view to another person’s opinion.

Is it time for women to stop clamming up and speaking their mind?  Step out of your comfort zone and tell the world what you are keeping to yourself.  If someone is offended, that might have nothing to do with what you say, it could be their prior conditioning that you have no control over.  Misunderstanding happen and life goes on.

Our first study was of cadets at the United States Military Academy at West Point. Men who spoke up with ideas were seen as having higher status and were more likely to emerge as leaders.  Women did not receive any benefits in status or leader emergence from speaking up, regardless of whether they did so promotively or prohibitively. Neither men nor women who spoke up about problems suffered a loss of status or had a lower likelihood of emerging as a leader (though they weren’t helped by speaking up, either). Also of note, men and women both ascribed more status and leadership emergence to men who spoke up promotively, compared with women who did so.

Our findings complement several research areas while raising questions about what behaviors are best for helping one’s group and what behaviors are best for helping one’s standing in that group. Numerous studies suggest that speaking up in a group should relate to emerging as a leader or gaining status. Ours suggests that it is more complicated than just speaking up—it also matters who you are and what you say. Similarly, our work, echoing research showing that people respond differently when men and women engage in similar behaviors, suggests that women who speak up and share ideas may not see the same benefits as men.

Safe spaces are a danger to growing minds.  They rob the guest of an opportunity to learn what to say to get their point across and also listening skills.  Communication is the glue that holds us together.  Walling the world off breeds insecurities.  Leaders would not hide in safe places, they speak out clearly and articulate meaningful words!

Everyone makes mistakes from time to time.  Never be so hard on yourself you become afraid to speak the truth.  Rejection is part of life that can be painful.  However, since there is no way to make everybody happy all of the time, it is best to learn how to cope with failure head on, not in safe places.  For one thing, safe spaces are artificial.  They do not exist in the business world, and let’s hope they do not start!  Life can be a bitch.  Deal with it!!

Our beloved President is a perfect example of a person who not only speaks his mind, he Tweets it too!  Americans needs a hero. Trump is saving us from wimps having no reference point to compare themselves to.   They may be afraid to like him, because they might be asked to leave the “safe space” by talking pro-Trump, but they hear him loud and clear.

Talking like a Leader and Making America Great Again!





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