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Socialist-loving voting millennials, Coronavirus is giving you an up-close and personal look at what Socialism would look like in America.

The clearing of store shelves, the closing of retail, the shuttering of restaurants and nightclubs and bars — these are the outcomes of mass response to the global pandemic called coronavirus.

That’s What It Would Look Like If Socialism Takes Over America

The current store runs across America in the quest for toilet paper and bottled water aren’t symptoms of a free market. They’re panic buys, made in reaction to nonstop contextually devoid media coverage about the “deadly” coronavirus; to quarantines and quarantine requirements; to announcements of school closings and business shutdowns that keep stretching and expanding; to government advisements and press conferences that keep changing in tone and content; and, most importantly, to the overall unaccustomed atmosphere of fear that grows upon seeing store shelves in America cleared of items such as toilet paper and bottled water.

That last is an alarm that grows louder each day.

In America, land of the free and plenty — in America, land of the capitalist and free market, where stores bulge with supplies and purchases and overnight deliveries are but a computer click away — emptied grocery bins aren’t just curiosities. They’re frightening. They’re “what the heck is going on here” frightening.

And that drives the panic buying even more.

The empty shelves themselves become the reason for the panic buying.

We’re not used to this. We’ve never before seen this. Aside from some empty bread and bottled water aisles during hurricane seasons, and some difficulties finding shovels at Home Depot during snowstorm warnings, Americans by and large are a buy-what-we-want, when-we-want-it lot. And if it ain’t in the store, we’ll get it online, shipped overnight.

We get pizza delivery by drone, for crying out loud.

Now, Nike has shut doors. States have declared emergencies. Toilet paper is on backorder — tissue boxes, too. Meat bins are emptied; canned goods are dwindling; milk is a luxury that can’t be found for sale anywhere. In other words: It’s a good teaching moment for millennials. For Sen. Bernie Sanders’ fans. For Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s advocates.

If you like socialism — well, here’s socialism, upfront and personal.


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