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Put aside the fact that President Donald J. Trump hands down won last night’s Democratic Debate in Nevada, this article is about who won and who lost among the Democrats.


Sen. Elizabeth Warren desperately needed a major win to breathe new life into her flagging presidential campaign — and scored it Wednesday night at the Democratic Debate by delivering blow after blow against Michael Bloomberg.

While Warren wasn’t the only candidate hitting Bloomberg during the Democrats’ best debate (if you were a Conservative watching), she was the most effective.

Meanwhile, the Democrats two-hour-long beatdown of New York City’s vertically challenged former mayor left him battered and bruised and no amount of money can save him from looking that pathetic. 



Joe Biden: Was combative, feisty and didn’t hesitate to take credit for anything and everything. He has to keep punching, to remain viable in hopes that Bloomberg, despite his billions, keeps imploding as he did last night and eventually drops out.

Sen. Bernie Sanders: Despite Bloomberg’s vicious right hook to the simpleminded socialist scrotum. Bernie still came out a winner simply because he didn’t receive the 2-hour-long barrage that Bloomberg took. Clearly, the Democrats want to destroy Bernie knowing if he becomes their nominee, the DNC will have to watch President Trump win reelection by perhaps the largest margin of victory in American political history. 

Sen. Elizabeth Warren: She needed to regain her chutzpah or it was O-V-E-R. And she did. Warren won the night by hammering Bloomberg over his nondisclosure agreements with harassment victims, and she won the social media video battle as well. The clips of Pocahontas scalping Bloomberg will be trending for days, and you know the ‘Get-Bernie’ DNC paid-off media will be playing them ad nauseam for months.


Menza – Menza

Former Mayor Pete Buttigieg: He looks and sounds perfect and he was so perfect he came out looking a little like a fraudulent spineless jellyfish, but his exchanges with Sen. Amy Klobuchar kept him and Klobuchar looking very much like Junior Varsity benchwarmers.

Sen. Amy Klobuchar: In many ways, she is the best candidate the Democrats have to defeat Donald Trump in November. But try as she might to attack Trump the other Democrats weren’t having any of it. Warren, Sanders, and Biden were so hyper-focused on cutting the legs out from under Mayor Munchkin, Klobuchar was left to duke it out with her JV dance partner Pete Buttigieg.


Arrow: Down

Michael Bloomberg: Love isn’t the only thing money can’t buy, because you can’t buy an election if with a performance like the one Bloomers put on last night. Bloomberg could spend billions to run ads 24/7 and it still won’t make him look any less than the racist, misogynist, homophobe, sexually deviant asshat.

Bloomberg looked so overwhelmed, it reminded me of Joe Biden’s in the first Democratic debate where Kamala Harris pulled out clueless Joe’s hair plugs one by one. Mayor Munchkin also had that Joe Biden first debate ‘deer-in-a-headlights’ look as Pocahontas Tomahawk chopped his billionaire buttocks over and over and over again.

I can’t imagine how bad this little mental midget will look if he somehow won the Democratic nomination and this he had to climb atop his milk crate and debate Donald Trump mano a mano.

On the plus side, Bloomberg was able to win the video clip of the night with his slapping the simpleminded socialist silly over being a millionaire with three houses.

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