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by Lanny Carruthers:

Sen. Diane Feinstein was seen on national television in the meeting with President Trump where she asked the following and memorable question she may regret asking:  “I think there needs to be a willingness on both sides.  And I think — and I don’t know how you would feel about this, but I’d like to ask the question:  “What about a clean DACA bill now, with a commitment that we go into a comprehensive immigration reform procedure?  Like we did back — oh, I remember when Kennedy was here and it was really a major, major effort, and it was a great disappointment that it went nowhere.”  No one, including the all-knowing media, recognized a part of Sen. Feinstein’s statement that brings up a shady time period in her political life.  A period of time I’m sure she wished she could erase, delete, but I’m sure she will sneak away from cameras if ever questioned about.”

My historical learnings remind me that Lyndon Baines Johnson assumed the Presidency following Kennedy’s assassination.  So where are the audio or video clips of Sen. Feinstein disavowing Democrat Lyndon Baines Johnson’s n-word comment and racist tone?  Remember the same Democrat President Johnson that signed the Voting Rights Act of 1965 for voting equality?

So what say you, Sen. Feinstein?  Explain what personal viewpoint did Johnson hold in regard to the black community?

After listening to the video below, ask yourself:  “Was LBJ ‘Presidential’?”  How many schools and buildings that have to be renamed and how many laws he signed that must be repealed?

Hey Anderson Cooper, I await your interview with Sen. Feinstein to explain her feelings on the racist comments by LBJ!

Will Sen. Feinstein be hounded by Anderson Cooper or Don Lemon to disavow a Democrat President’s racist comment?


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