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by Wayne Simmes:

A coffee shop in California is refusing to serve uniformed police officers. The Hasta Muerte Coffee Company says that it’s keeping the peace by not serving cops. They further stated that they needed the help of the community not the police in keeping their shop safe.

Now I know that many of you will be screaming for a lawsuit against this place of business and there may well be a case to be made for that. I am not one to join you. I believe that a place of business has the absolute right to serve whomever they want as long as they are not taking government money. For instance I believe that a cake maker has the absolute right not to have to violate their religious beliefs by making a cake that endorses homosexuality if they find it to be a violation of their religious beliefs.

So if this business owner does not want to serve uniformed police officers and they are in no way supported by Federal, State or Local tax dollars, they have that right.

However, I find their stance to be not only offensive but ludicrous. They say they need the public to keep their place of business safe, but California has done everything in their power to disarm the populace.

So when the armed robbers come to call, who is going to be able to protect them? Are they going to call on Black Lives Matter to come to their aid or do you think they will dial 911 and beg for a couple of those uniformed officers to come to their aid. Just don’t expect them to give those officers a cup of coffee when they arrive.

How in the world does having a few armed and uniformed police officers do anything but bring a sense of tranquility to the customers in that shop, unless of course those customers are law breakers. Is there a possibility that many of the customers might be illegal immigrants?

But wait California is a sanctuary state, where the police are forbidden to enforce immigration law. So even those should not be afraid of the police.

This lunacy has gone far enough. Sure there are a few bad cops out there, but the vast majority are good and decent people that believe in the slogan “protect and s

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