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by Daveda Gruber:

Two men have a campaign has been launched by two men to divide rural California from the coastal cities.

This is motivated by what they referred to as a “tyrannical form of government,” that doesn’t follow the state or federal constitution.

There was a failed 2016 campaign to split California into 6 states. This is different.

The “New California” movement was founded by Robert Paul Preston and Tom Reed. It seeks to consolidate rural California into a distinct economy separate from the coast.

Preston and Reed say the citizens of the state live “under a tyrannical form of government that does not follow the California and U.S. Constitutions.”

The founders, Preston and Reed, have evoked Article IV Section 3 of the United States Constitution as validation for establishing a new economy with a new state constitution.

The document states that a consensus must be reached by the state legislatures of California as well as congress. The process could take 10 to 18 months, according to New California representatives.

The New California movement unveiled a Declaration of Independence earlier this past week. It called for a “free and Independent State” with “full power to establish and maintain law and order, to promote general prosperity.”

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  1. Well, sure! Let me contribute to the structure of their plight….
    The New Declaration of Independence of CA shall include:
    Only those who embrace liberal and/or radical liberal ideals shall be permitted or admitted into or live near the sea of New CA. Only the sane voices of Hollywood and the like shall be allowed to enjoy an ocean view. The influx of Mexican and other illegal immigrants, ISIS members and MS-13 gang members (sure to flock here) can be enjoyed from the beach, as sea going vessels bring these good citizens here to enjoy our strip of land along the Pacific coast. No passport, no drivers license, no shirt, no shoes or no articles of clothing at all – hey, no problem!
    Drug lords shall be employed by the New CA governing body to supply copious amounts of drugs of any kind to any citizen (along with syringes for convenience) and alcohol for their enjoyment while watching sunsets, shall provided. In addition, there shall be no repercussions for blowing off steam, including but not limited to, raping and killing a 9 year old or shooting young girls or boys (or any persuasion in between) as they walk with their fathers or mothers (or others in between) along the beach. There shall be no heterosexuals, especially white ones and no bias toward gays, multi-gender benders, bisexuals, transgenders or those who really, REALLY love their animals.
    We declare and specify that potty chairs be set up on the ocean front for convenience (bathrooms no longer necessary) so the tide can keep our beaches clean as the homeless and everyone else has a place where they can enjoy both a nice sunset and a good poop. BYO toilet paper or make use of paper and trash blowing along the beach in order to recycle it back into the environment. It’s the right thing to do!
    All citizens shall have the same amount of money stored in RFID chip. These chips are mandatory and are implanted into the hand, or the forehead, or any appendage of our citizens choosing. No chip? Simply apply to the New Whacky Seaside Government of New CA for implantation. This will hold the currency and identification for each individual for daily food, shelter, Star Bucks coffee and entertainment, for both the homeless and other citizens. There is no one forgotten and everyone gets a trophy whether you won, lost or didn’t show up for any and all competitions. Every homeless or unemployed person shall have all their needs met by other liberals and/or the liberal government of New CA because “we own, I mean”have your backside’
    Upon signing, we the people of New CA are completely on our own, away from the insanity of conservatives who have populated the fruitless plains and who won’t even provide trans-bathrooms for their children! (How do they survive?)
    There shall be a wall built connecting to Trumps wall to extend up the CA coast to the Oregon border and out to the sea to protect our sovereignty and keep those Conservatives off our land!.

    These are just a few ideas I wanted to contribute. The rest of us can wager bets as to when they will implode and kill each other off or the San Andreas Fault makes it’s move and the west coast is cleansed of this disease I like to call liberalism.

      • @JoeC, you must have been here before. I do not know what to do, only 18 months until the ball drops. I did not think it could get much worse and now this. What I do NOT understand is how a bunch of thieves and hustlers can overthrow the US Constitution and walk away with the prime real estate in their back pocket? My father, Hewlette Rogers Brown, Rt Col. US Military, was the Chief Developer at the Los Angeles County Department of Harbors and Ports when I was born and is responsible for establishing Marina Del Rey, which was a hard sell at the time, but he managed to get it through and opened to public in 1961. My Dad a few years later was the Founding member and first president of Palos Verdes and Rolling Hills Estates Home Owners Association, back then Palos Verdes was kind of a dust bowl. Both MDR and PV are prime real estate now. His widow and my sisters remain in Los Angeles today. After all the work my father did, not only as a Silver Star recipient for gallantry in action during WWII, but as a real estate developer who did not retire as most do but went into being a professor of cash flow analysis and real estate appraising when he got too old to do all the on sight inspections required to practice himself, why should my family have to head for the hills of some other state to get away from all of this criminal conduct by the corrupt government who has destroyed the confidence in the legal system to such an extent that it has come to cutting off the bad apples rather than throwing them in the garbage where they belong?

        So upsetting, I can hardly think about it as I have work to do, but oh, how upsetting. Please President Trump do NOT let this happen. If any body reading this knows how to tell him to please not abandon California, please do not let this be a time to throw in the towel and wash your hands of this once great state. Please save California, we are not a tossed salad here, please do not let us rot like in a 3rd world country, we need help and we need it now faster than I had thought!

        • Dear Ms. Costner:

          It is an honor to meet you, mam, and I salute your father. I served back in the Vietnam era and was stationed in San Diego but traveled to countries all over the western Pacific.

          I hear and feel your pain and I can understand your frustration. Obama did this nation the greatest disservice of any president to date and he should be hung for what atrocities he brought upon our nation. The resulting corruption, treasonous acts and horrific misdeeds that were brought to us in order to break our country’s back will scar us forever. I shouted at the top of my lungs through my keyboard for eight years, writing and expressing what I saw happening and I was made sick that so few heard anything at all. Then there was a rigged election that kept Barry Soetoro in the White House for another four miserable years while our infrastructure eroded and cracked and our institutions f higher learning became institutions of moral decay, disrespect and indoctrination, misguiding, confusing and teaching students what to think instead of how to think on their own. Then the MSM sold their souls too the devil while George Soro funded race riots creating disaster after disaster, shooting after shooting, initiated false flag events and tried ever so hard to bring about martial law before Oby left office so they could gain as much control over the citizens of the United States as possible. Soros who is a wanted man in other countries for the atrocities he brought to them. He said on live TV (and I heard him with my own ears), “America is my last conquest!” All Oby did and all he said were secretly concocted to bring as much damage, mayhem and radical socialist change to our country as he possibly could.
          Removing God from society in every manner possible took away any moral compass people had in order to cause these young, malleable minds full of mush to take their eyes off of Christ and affix them onto Obama and other government overlords, teaching WE our your saviors now! The dark savior of the liberal party, Barack Insane Obama, a gay Muslim with a transvestite wife who used to be named Michael had our country against the wall for eight agonizing years. How could this happen. The American people had become too complacent.
          And so, the promotion of the gay lifestyle and all the possible deviations thereof splashed across the front pages of nearly every paper in the country on a daily basis while news of our soldiers being beheaded and coming home in pieces was pushed to the mid section or back of the paper. Expressing and promoting a heathen lifestyle went from the paper to school districts demanding they put tranny bathrooms into every school and public place they could. That’s why they frowned on and were working against any form of homeschooling. They couldn’t control the minds of the children if they couldn’t keep them in the public school system.
          From elementary school through college, children were forced to accept that this degenerative lifestyle is “normal.” To pass some professor’s classes, many of the students even had to participate in a gay pride march or event. I do not doubt that the next stage of moral degeneration will be bestiality, a complete F YOU to God, the Bible and the Ten Commandments. You can bet God is watching and he is moving on this generation of degenerates and the promoters.
          If you think about it, God chose Trump over 15 other political hacks and against all odds, ALL odds, Trump won in an explosive landslide victory. This shocked the world. In my opinion, Trump is to us as Mosses was to the Israelites. Moses could barley read and was not in any way a speaker for the masses. But Mosses was chosen as the right man for the job at that time and Trump was chosen to face the heathens of our time.

          The plague that has been taking over the sanity of our people will be dealt with in time. In addition Trump is tasked with tackling egregious figures of the political establishment on both sides of the isle for crime and corruption, human trafficking, pedophile rings, Satanic rituals buy the elite that involve many child sex slave rings, murder, torture, drinking of the blood of children and buying and selling body parts of the innocent for their rituals . Planned Parenthood is an agency from hell that feeds these demons.
          It’s as bad as it gets and the MSM is all part of protecting the word from getting out. Instead they demonize, berate, and belittle our president every way imaginable. When we talk about draining the swamp it is MUCH bigger than a swamp. It is an ocean of crime and corruption at the highest levels that most people aren’t even aware of. But be assured things are happening and rest assured God put a man named Trump where He needs him to be and that is as president of the United States of America … and we are at war with the devil but God is on our side!

          • #JoeC, you pretty much nailed it on the head. I will never forget that warm minty feeling of wonder when at 2:30 am Los Angeles time the news channels reluctantly disclosed the indisputable fact that Donald John Trump had won the race to become the 45th President of the United States. I was stuttering as I said OMG, he won! It was like a miracle of Biblical proportions, further proven by the 8 – 10 million USD the democrats pressure Congress to spend in a witch hunt to find a crime, if not fabricate a manufactured infraction, anything, to prove that Trump had somehow stolen something from the woman who had apparently rigged it so well that no man could cut through the web of deceit that had been woven for years to secure her certain Victory.

            Hold on to your hat now, the Trump Train is picking up speed in 2018 and moving down the track taking no prisoners like it means business. I just hope California does not become the loser when this race is won by the New California advocates. Even if it is conservatives making the move toward a Congressional Vote on the matter, I live in Malibu, so the damage will not be something I will be able to live with. It is so bad right now, it is already like living in a third world country, I kid you not.

            For example, Malibu has homes valued in excess of $50,000,000.00. A girlfriend of mine’s home recently was up for sale at $27,000,000.00 and it is on only.09 acre of land in the ‘Bu, can you give me one good reason why such a rich community as the City of Malibu would closed down its one and only police department? The hidden tent camps of homeless people right in walking distance of where the old sheriff’s station use to be? Nice place if you can get pass the gates of one of those multi-million dollars beach houses, but if you are not one of the chosen ones with such luxurious lifestyles you got to watch your back 24/7 and pray to God you live to see another day.

            Where are our politicians in this rat race, throwing us a lifeline? No, they want to leave us for dead and it is a crying shame. They too will have to face the Judge of the Universe one day for their decision to wash their hands of the coastal cities and let the silent conservatives fend for themselves. I have almost died three times already from being a victim of crime in Los Angeles County, and not once was I allowed the benefit of the Victims of Crimes program or other social services to help me remain afloat, yet, California pays over 950 billion to support illegals and want to shut down the federal government and call our president crude and vulgar names if he does not submit to their outrageous demands. If you explained this to a 5 year old child they would agree this is wrong on its face. It is intrinsically unjust, unfair and puts innocent lives of people like me directly in harm’s way and someone has to stop it before it is too late. Let’s pray that President Trump does not have hard feelings from the squeaky wheels making so much noise with their hateful speeches at so-called award podiums. They do not speak for the common man and woman, and they, being actors, read scripts. Please hope the Pres. Trump looks past the Fake Haters, they won’t get work unless they talk as their masters have directed.

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