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Over the past 2 weeks I talked with several TRUMP supporters asking them why they support Mr. Trump. These are their answers in their own words.

Editor: Miss Jill Hollingsworth


CHARLES T. DALBEC, GEORGIA– I was an American Fighting Man and Protected the US against ALL Enemies – Foreign and Domestic. I never thought that I would have to defend our Nation against A President like Barack Obama. Soon we will have a new Commander-In-Chief, Donald Trump, that will bring back to America what ALL Veterans fought for. Hooah Donald Trump! “We Support Donald Trump“!


ANGIE PARIS, TENNESSEE– We need a leader who will fight for the American people. We need a leader and a mindset that will fight for “truth, justice, and the American way”. A vote for TRUMP is a vote to keep our constitution!


MAX PHILLIPS, MISSISSIPPI– I support Mr. Trump because he is the only candidate for President that represents a real break from the Establishment Politicians who have ruined our system of government. Mr. Trump has the leadership ability to Make America Great Again!


JAN LARSON, MINNESOTA – The main reason I am voting for Donald Trump is because I don’t feel safe in my own country anymore. Illegal immigration is a huge part of the problem of Americans safety since illegals come in many forms from Hispanics to Radicalized Muslims who attempt to sneak across the southern border every single day. Mr. Trump is right when he says Illegal Immigration has got to be stopped. Also, Donald Trump is very honest and isn’t afraid to speak up and tell the truth about anything and everything. He is speaking for us- The American People! And we finally have a voice with Mr. Trump, which in the world of politics is rare. Mr. Trump loves us and he loves America! Most politicians only care about and love those that fill their pockets with millions. But not Trump because first of all, Mr. Trump is NOT a politician. And second, he is paying for his presidential campaign with his own money from his own pockets. No other candidate can say the same thing!


SHAWN EVANS, CALIFORNIA– Donald Trump has been #1 since day 1. From illegal immigration to the economy, Mr. Trump has broken down all the political barriers. His tax plan is brilliant. He has a real plan to defeat ISIS. He will repeal Obamacare, the bad Iran deal, and overturn any unlawful executive orders signed into law by Obama. Mr. Trump has a huge respect for our veterans and will make sure they receive nothing less than the best healthcare in which they deserve. Mr. Trump is a Christian and openly speaks about the fact that Christians are always scrutinized and under attack. And when he becomes President of the United States of America, he will make sure Christianity is protected and will bring back MERRY CHRISTMAS by keeping CHRIST in CHRISTmas. God Bless America and God Bless Donald Trump!


TOMMY & CHARIS HOLCOMB, MISSISSIPPI– Trump has my full support because he is a brilliant man who knows exactly what needs to be done to save our country, along with the ability, knowledge, and power to do it. His love for our country shines in him, just as it does me. I believe wholeheartedly that Mr. Trump has America’s best interest at heart. I support Mr. Trump for President because he is sincere, he can’t be bought, and he is capable of running our country and making her better than ever and has the guts to do it. Mr. Trump wants to help our country and bring back the values and beliefs we were founded on because it is very important to him. He wants our country to be #1 again in safety, prosperity, strength, and respect. I truly believe he is running for president for all the right reasons and because our future depends on it.


PATRICK WILLIAMSON, GEORGIA– Donald J. Trump is the only candidate who transcends party lines for common sense solutions. He is the only one that is self-funding his campaign and will not owe any favors to anyone, unlike the rest of the candidates. In fact, Mr. Trump is so determined to help make our country great again that if he is elected President, he has decided to forfeit the annual Presidential salary and not accept any lifetime benefits package. All he wants is to fix this mess that our current leaders have gotten us into. Also, Mr. Trump is the only candidate that brings up the issues that We The People care about and want to talk about. Trump is a natural born leader who’s drive, dedication, and integrity will lead us to a better America. Simply, he is the only one that CAN and WILL Make America Great Again! #VeteransForTrump


TYLER FORTNEY, WISCONSIN– Donald Trump is the only Presidential candidate that truly cares about our country. He funds his own campaign, wants to build a wall on our Southern border to stop illegal immigrants from sneaking across, and he is determined to build up our military stronger than it’s ever been. Democrats, Republicans, and the media are afraid of him, so that must mean he is doing something right. And most importantly, Mr. Trump is determined to make our once great country, GREAT AGAIN!


THOMAS JOE ARCENEAUX, CALIFORNIA– Donald Trump has a proven track record for running companies on the world scene. Those who run our country now, don’t have that sense. They currently have us $19 TRILLION DOLLARS in debt and that is not running our business- America, successfully. Our leaders are your typical career politicians who only look out for themselves. They are not business minded at all and will not be able to save us from another recession. Mr. Trumps economic plans will save us millions, if not billions, in taxes, on fair trade with China, and by getting rid of the millions of illegal aliens that we are currently paying for. Most importantly, we need secure borders to keep Americans safe no matter who it offends! And Trump will make sure our safety is his #1 priority as President!


WENDY WEST, CALIFORNIA– My top 5 reasons for supporting Donald J. Trump for President!

#1- Mr. Trump is self-funding his campaign.

 #2- Trump helped former President Reagan during his first time running for President.

#3- He is honest.

 #4- Mr. Trump always tells it like it is- take it or leave it.

 #5- And he truly loves this country.


TOM BELLO, NEW YORK– Like Trump, I come from the great city of New York and every day I get to see his empire he has built. Mr. Trump will fight for himself when attacked and will do the same for the American people. He has brought up issues no other candidates have, which are so vital to this economy- such as illegal immigration and trade deficits. We need Mr. Trump in the White House! He has got to win the election come November, or we are going to suffer more as a country than we already are! Come this November, we MUST win!!! God Bless Mr. Trump and God Bless America!


PETE ROSETTO, MISSISSIPPI -I joined this campaign effort because I am sick and tired of our government, the greatest in the world, being corrupted by these elitist special interest groups. It is an attitude that I believe I share with Mr. Trump and millions of other true Americans. We love our country and would like to see her rise once again to her prominent seat of enlightenment where the rest of the world looks to us for change; for direction. Alas, the biggest challenge for us is to get people to look, as I did, beyond the words that Mr. Trump shares and understand that he is a doer and not a orator. We must share his accomplishments with others and explain how they more than qualify him for the most powerful position in the world!


BRANDON ROBB, UTAHDo you know why I love Trump and would go out of my why to vote for him? The guy’s rich, which we’re all aware of already. With that being said. Why in the world would he want to run for president? A sweet job, with great insurance – more publicity? NOPE, neither of those answers. Donald J. Trump wants to Make America Great Again. That’s what his whole campaign has been based off of. But what does that actually mean? And I’m asking you this, as a reader as my fellow American. What does it mean to you to have America Great Again — our beloved country; where men and women die every single day to protect us and our freedom. Making America Great Again means everything to me. It means more jobs, better health care, a safer border, a safer country, a brighter future for my children! Trump is the kind of man who has everything and now wants to pay it forward and give back to America. Trump hates the word ‘politician’ and doesn’t want to be referred to as that. I think that’s why so many Americans like him so much. He won’t lie to gain anything. He already has all anyone could ask for. He has nothing to gain and everything to lose. We, as Americans need to come together, register as Republicans, and vote for Donald J Trump in 2016 to make America Great Again! And I hope to see you guys there!


MARY HARRIS, CALIFORNIA– I am a strong, proud Southern California female supporting and voting for Donald J. Trump for President of the United States of America!! Trump will close our borders to keep us safe and build a wall and he will make Mexico pay for the wall! Trump will take the fight to ISIS in their own territory, so we will not have to fight them here on our American soil! He has the skills and the know how to fix our economy, turn our country around, and get us back on the right track that our founding forefathers started us on!! Trump will bring back jobs and put Americans back to work!! Trump is going to lower our taxes, save social security and medicare, repeal Obamacare, get rid of the awful Iran deal, build up our military stronger, bigger, and better than ever, and he will take care of our veterans and make them a top priority! Unlike typical career politicians, Mr. Trump cannot be bought and will not owe anyone any favors. I believe he is a lot like Reagan and will be an amazing president! Trump will make America great again!!!


BOBBY ZEE, CALIFORNIA- Donald Trump demonstrates success, strength, and outstanding leadership. Exactly what this country needs and why I support him for President.


JILL HOLLINGSWORTH, MISSISSIPPPII have many reasons for supporting Donald J. Trump for President. First of all, the fact that Mr. Trump is NOT a lawyer or career politician speaks volumes to me! Typical career politicians are the ones that have gotten us into this awful mess. So that point is #1 on my list for sure! Other than that, Mr. Trump is the real deal. He is a real American Patriot and exemplifies what the American Dream is all about. Trump truly loves our country and loves all of us American citizens. How many people in that type of rich and powerful position truly cares about each and every American citizen and tells them that they love them?? I can only count one that does that! And his name is TRUMP! Mr. Trump is one of the most down to earth people you will ever meet. He is just like me and you, except with a few billion more bucks. Yes, he is mega rich and knows it. And is honest about it and will tell you that he is rich. But he doesn’t flaunt his money, isn’t arrogant, doesn’t think he is better than anyone else, and is genuinely a nice guy. Also, Mr. Trump is a huge believer in paying it forward. He has given hundreds of millions, if not over a billion, to a countless number of charities. He knows that he has been blessed in life and strives to be a blessing to others. Mr. Trump is proud of his success and the empire he has built, as he should be. He has spent the majority of his life working endless hours making great deals to ensure his children have a legacy to keep building during their lives and their children’s lives as well. The Trump Organization is here to stay. Just like the Donald is here to stay in the Presidential race. He isn’t going anywhere, no matter how much money some lobbyists might offer him to drop out. In fact, I bet he already has a business blueprint to D.C. that he has been working on diligently. Mr. Trump is all about perfection. And perfection is exactly what this country needs. Plus, with your name ending in TRUMP, what could possibly go wrong?! We all know the last name TRUMP = SUCCESS, and everything Mr. Trump touches turns to gold. So who in their right mind wouldn’t want TRUMP as President?! What’s the worst that could happen?? Economy becomes bigger and stronger than ever?? ISIS is eradicated from the earth?? Every country kisses our butts because we have the biggest, strongest military ever and aren’t afraid to use it?? We no longer have to live among illegal immigrants who we have no clue who they are or where they are from, or what their real intentions are?? And more jobs would be created?? And the states would gain back control on certain issues that the federal government has been over?? Oh and last but not least, would the end of common core be terrible and absolutely devastating?? Like I said, seriously folks- what’s the WORST that could happen under the rule of Mr. Donald J. Trump?! ANSWER- NOTHING BUT GREATNESS!! And that is exciting to think about!! I am ready for America to be GREAT AGAIN like she once was!!







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