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My name is Ismael and I am 26 years of age from California. And this is my personal WalkAway story…
Although I was born in California, my parents came from Mexico. Growing up it seemed as if all Hispanics and/or Mexicans were Democrats, or at least were expected to be, and although I did not care much for politics throughout my teenage years, I remember listening to the Spanish news media my parents would watch, and for the most part, they always portrayed the Democratic party as the people’s party, and especially of people of color. And sadly, I believed it. Even in the 2008 election, although not yet old enough to vote, I rooted for Obama – at the time I thought it was a great accomplishment of this country to elect the first African American president.

It wasn’t until around 2011-2012 when I started doing my own research online. What ultimately sparked my interest in politics was when I started listening to former congressman Ron Paul. It was he who woke me to the political corruption that has been going on in Washington for countless years, from both major parties. I even voted Libertarian in the 2012 presidential election.

Long story short, in regards to the 2016 presidential election, Donald Trump was actually my LEAST favorite candidate at the time. So much so that when it finally came down to Hillary vs Trump, I decided not to vote. Since then though, my opinion has definitely changed. In regards to the Democratic Party, they are no longer the party of JFK. From third trimester abortions, to promoting socialism, the Russian hoax, cries to defund the police, and the tearing down of statues/burning of the American flag, they have shown themselves to hate everything that America ultimately stands for – the very things that make America exceptional. If you sing the national anthem, you are a “racist”, and if you so much as disagree with them on a single political point, you are “cancelled” and a “Nazi”. If you are a Christian and support traditional marriage, you are “homophobic”, and if you are pro-life, then you must “hate women”. Even recently, when Joe Biden claimed if an African American did not vote for him, they weren’t black, I thought it was the most racist thing a politcal candidate could ever say. I could only imagine what he thinks of Hispanics, as if we owe him our vote, and are somehow slaves to the Democratic Party.

I was told Trump was divisive, but the truth is that CNN, MSNBC, CBS, and all of the other left wing media mob are the divisive ones. Although I could not stand Trump in 2016, his presidency has definitely changed my mind. From prison reform, to all time low unemployment rates, a rock solid economy, standing up to China, withdrawing from the horrible Iran deal, advocating for school choice, as well as our 1st/2nd amendment rights, he’s done more than other U.S presidents have done in two full terms. Although he is not perfect, which U.S president ever has been? I at least am glad that we finally have a commander in chief who seems to know what they are doing. And this is why I will vote Trump on November 3rd and encourage everyone to do the same and we will Keep America Great!

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