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Why are new COVID-19 cases plummeting? New coronavirus infections have fallen 44% over the last 3 weeks and experts say the vaccine is NOT the reason because only 8% of Americans have received their first dose.

Hmm, so what happened just a few weeks ago that would have caused it?

My Lord, they’re so transparent it borders on being a parody.

The deadliest month yet of the coronavirus pandemic in the U.S. drew to a close with signs of supposed progress.

Of course, no one could explain why COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations are plummeting, while vaccinations aren’t close to being given at the same rate.

On Wednesday, 110,679 new infections were recorded, according to data from Johns Hopkins University, which is much lower than the 215,805 infections that were recorded just three weeks ago, when coincidentally, Donald Trump was still President.

The seven-day rolling average of new cases currently sits at 135,904, a ‘miraculous’ 44 percent decline from the average three weeks earlier.

COVID-19 Infection Cases Plummeting…But Why?

Surprise! New COVID-19 Infection Rates Are Somehow Plummeting?

Forty-four states are seeing a decline in cases, Johns Hopkins data reveals, with just Alabama, Louisiana, Montana, New Jersey, Oklahoma and Pennsylvania, and the District of Columbia, on the upswing.

In addition, as the calendar turned to February on Monday, the number of Americans in the hospital with COVID-19 fell below 100,000 for the first time in two months.

Currently, 92,880 patients are hospitalized with the virus, the lowest figure seen since November 29 and falling nearly 30 percent from a peak of 132,474 on January 6, according to data from The COVID Tracking Project.

Meanwhile, the U.S. COVID-19 death toll has climbed past 446,000, with more than 95,000 lives lost in January alone.

COVID-19 deaths are running at about 3,150 per day on average, down slightly by about 200 from their peak in mid-January.

COVID-19 death toll has climbed past 446,000

The World Health Organization (WHO) noted Monday how the COVID-19 cases have fallen for the past three weeks in a row.

But Director-General Tedros warned against relaxing restrictions to slow the spread of coronavirus on the heels of the good news.

Of course, this is strange since the draconian lockdowns in America have had no effect on slowing the coronavirus over the past year, but I assume supposedly kicked in over the past three weeks?

‘Over the past year, there have been moments in almost all countries when cases declined, and governments opened up too quickly, and individuals let down their guard, only for the virus to come roaring back,’ he said.

So the question remains: why are COVID-19 cases falling so fast in the U.S.?

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  1. This news are so fake cases of COVID are more then ever 3 to 4 weeks ago the number of COVID cases were 90.000 but two week ago the number want high as 110.000 sense the Biden administration took over the presidential. The democRATs party trying to destroy as many they can of the Americans.


  3. I guess you could ask the question — Have the number of tests gone down? — I have NEVER understood why they just don’t compare “death rates” rather than worry about ‘detected’ infections (which numbers indicate are a USELESS basis for comparison).

  4. Why are COVIOD 19 cases falling, because it served it’s purpose, to destroy Trump’s economy, and Trump is not the president, so the controlled MSM will tell us Biden the miracle man stopped it. Please call it what it was, a PLANNED-DEMIC. But you guys already know that.

  5. In my opinion, Democrats are in charge and the testing of the C-19 virus is being FALSIFIED just like all of the other things that they do. They falsely increased the number of cases when Trump was the POTUS, and now, in an attempt to make sniffy China Joe look good, more FALSE numbers are showing up. Just more dirty politics !!!

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