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by Frank Matarrese:

Our fabulously effective FBI is tasked with spying on American citizens, corporations and others, if applicable, but in our democracy this power is not to be abused. Regardless, some politically active rogue FBI officers (e.g., Peter Strzok, Bruce Ohr) have used the FISA Court as an anti-Trump tool to promote the Clinton campaign.

This self-inflicted, un-American activism has damaged the FBI’s reputation, not Americans reading about some non-existent “sources and methods” in the Nunes Memo.

Since its inception, the Department of Justice has been the benchmark of government agencies by attracting the most devoted of patriotic public servants. However, in the act of committing itself to a version of gender, identity and socialist politics, the Democrat party’s left has infiltrated the ranks of this once proud American government icon and has attempted to turn it into another Postal Service.

Our Chief Justice of the United States appoints FISA judges without the need for congressional confirmation, assuring like-minded views on law enforcement and not to circumvent our Fourth Amendment right against search and seizures.

Obama’s attorneys general and their activism was fueled by an anger that had done little to persuade the public while robbing the agency of any dignity it deserves.  This anger that has been inflamed by President Trump’s growing base. It’s obvious Mueller and his rogue elements are attempting to use FISA and the agency as a lead-up to benefit the Democrats in the mid-term elections.

What would it take to transcend this human emotion of self-serving greed? It’s one of the agency’s core values – INTEGRITY: “Act as if someone is watching.”

With all the “swamp cleaning” going on in Washington today, the integrity and public confidence of the FBI will be a priority worth cleaning. Sometimes the FBI needs to spy on Americans, but can the FBI do it without damaging its credibility and impugning the DOJ’s hard earned reputation?

This reputation should never become tarnished by the promotion of biased political activity.

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