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Whoopi Goldberg claimed that until President Donald Trump apologized for the “Access Hollywood” tape, she saw no need to criticize Democrats.

As usual Whoopi Goldberg proved what a political mental midget she truly is, because Donald Trump DID apologize.


Whoopi Goldberg made the comments Tuesday during a segment of ABC’s “The View,” responding to co-host Meghan McCain’s criticisms of former New York City mayor and presidential hopeful Michael Bloomberg.

After noting that Bloomberg had denied allegations of racist and misogynistic statements — and has offered apologies for some of the things that he said on camera — Goldberg weighed in with her own take on the issue.

Goldberg laughed and stated:

“Now here’s the interesting — I mean, nobody asked me, but I just — I just kind of feel like we have all of this floating around,” 

“This has been floating around, all of it, from everybody. This is not new verbiage from Trump. It’s not new verbiage from Bloomberg. It’s not new verbiage, you know, everybody has — everybody has stepped in it.”



Being A Misinformed Idiot Never Stopped Whoopi Before

To show just how uninformed the View’s moronic trollops are Donald Trump DID APOLOGIZE for his ‘grab em’ by the pu**y‘ comments he made on the “Access Hollywood” tape.

In case Whoopi Goldberg and the rest of the misinformed vile View hosts missed it, here is then-candidate Donald Trump’s video statement on October 7, 2016.

It sure sounds like an apology to me Whoopi.

Now the lunatic left will claim that this wasn’t really an apology since Trump went off on a rant about the Democrats and Bill Clinton.

While true, Donald Trump did, in fact, do exactly what every other politician does when apologizing.

But with that said there is one inescapable fact that they won’t say.

Unlike Democrats ‘sorry, not sorry‘ apologies, Donald Trump did actually say: “I’m Sorry, I Apologize”.

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