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Vice President Mike Pence and Democratic challenger Kamala Harris spent 90-minutes verbally sparing between plexiglass panels during the one and only Vice Presidential debate Wednesday night in Utah.

Touching on subjects ranging from the coronavirus pandemic, the economy, and packing the supreme court the VP debate while having plenty of disagreements it lacked the fireworks of last week’s showdown between President Trump and Joe Biden.

So Who Won the Vice Presidential Debate?

If you’re a Republican – Pence easily outdueled Kamala Harris whose debate strategy consisted of her screeching every debunked TDS idiocy the left has created over the past 3+ years.

If you’re a Democrat – The clear winner was the house fly that landed on Pence’s head and stayed for 2 minutes and 9 seconds. Coming in a close second was Pence’s pink eye.

Matt Mackowiak, a longtime Republican strategist, and podcast host concluded:

“Both sides made their points well. Both sides went on the attack. Both ignored questions they didn’t want to answer,”

In the end, the debate will be like go down like every other VP debate and not move the needle very much in either direction.

But as for who won the debate there’s little doubt that VP Mike Pence showed why he’s a master debater.

Harris came off as an angry Liberal who lectures down to people which showed why she so disliked, even among Democrats, which was clearly evident when Kamala Harris couldn’t even garner 1% of the vote during the Democratic primaries.

If you need further evidence of Pence’s victory simply go to Twitter you’ll see the left isn’t talking about how Kamala Harris lambasted Pence on a Trump policy, but rather they’re tweeting about the fly that landed on Pence’s head or his bloody eye.

TOur analysis of the Vice Presidential Debate:

The debate covered nine subjects but here’s how we graded each candidate on the big 3.

Coronavirus Pandemic:

Harris opened strong on COVID, but Mike Pence refuted her argument effectively by presenting the Trump administration’s case for the steps they took that ultimately saves hundreds of thousands of lives.

Pence masterfully turning Harris’ 210,000 Americans are dead arguments against her by pointing out how much Americans have sacrificed to stop the spread of the virus.

Harris also did a reversal on what she previously stated on whether she would be getting the COVID vaccine.

Grade Pence A / Harris C

The Economy:

During Pence’s back and forth with Kamala Harris over how Biden plans to increase taxes by $4 trillion, Pence was able to get Harris to clearly state two things:

    1. Harris said Joe Biden would only raise taxes on Americans making more than $400,000.
    2. On day one of the Biden/Harris administration they would end the Trump Tax Cuts.

Pence then repeatedly pointed out how could Harris claim Biden would only raise taxes on those making over $400,000 when the Trump Tax cut gave every American family a $2,000 tax break?

Kamala Harris was clearly flummoxed as she tried to counter Pence’s logic.

What I found most revolting was the fact that while crying over how millions of Americans are now out of work because of Trump, she pretended as if the Coronavirus pandemic never happened.

Pence missed an opportunity to mention how before the pandemic Trump’s historically low unemployment rate.

Each time Kamala Harris used people of color as a talking point. Pence should have countered by asking Kamala Harris why the Democrats refused to clap after President Trump announced during this year’s State of the Union that the Black and Hispanic communities have achieved the lowest unemployment rate in American history.

Grade Pence A- / Harris B-

Police brutality / Peaceful Protests:

Pretty much dead even since many Americans are squarely on one side of the argument or the other.

Harris spoke passionately retelling the tragic circumstances that led to the deaths of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd while talking about the left’s belief that systemic racism has kept people of color down.

Pence’s sorrowful tone conveyed the horror that every American felt watching George Floyd slowly dying under the knee of a disgraced Minneapolis Police Officer.

Pence reminded Kamala Harris that she refused to vote on the Tim Scott bill, which most Americans don’t know about. He then brought up Harris’s record of prosecuting more black men than white and Hispanic as a prosecutor and district attorney, which many Americans won’t bother looking into.

Instead of wasting those moments on information that voters would simply dismiss. Pence missed a huge opportunity after Kamala Harris said that Joe Biden knows how to bring Americans together again.

All Pence needed to say was:

In 2014, 15 and 16, America went through almost the exact same Black Lives Matter racial injustice rioting that we are seeing right now.

So why didn’t President Obama, and VP Joe Biden fix the racial injustice, systemic racism, and Police brutality you claim America is guilty of, back then?

Instead, Pence talked about the grand jury process, which no one knows or cares about when he was defending the Breonna Taylor decision not to indict the three officers.

Grade: Pence C / Harris C

VP Debate Best Moments

Mike Pence

  • When the VP asked Harris about packing the court — and she declined to answer twice, and then looking into the camera and saying ‘She didn’t answer the question‘.
  • Pence casually reminding voters that Joe Biden is still having plagiarism problems.
  • Answering a tough question by speaking for the full 2 minutes sounding as if he’s giving an answer while not actually answering the question

Kamala Harris:

  • Talking about the deaths of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd.
  • Striking fear into viewers who may have pre-existing conditions and driving home her point by ominously warning ‘they’re coming for you.

VP Debate Worst Moments:

Mike Pence:

  • That frigging black Fly sitting atop his white hair for over 2-minutes.
  • Pence’s Pink Eye
  • Interrupting enough that the moderator had to reiterate the rules.
  • Pence not even remotely answering the moderator’s question.
  • Spending his allotted 2-minutes to answer a new question, by trying to counter Kamala Harris’ comments from the previous question.

Kamala Harris

  • Harris telling the American people that she’ll be truthful and then immediately talking about Charlottesville and Trump calling white supremacist “Very Fine People” and Trump calling the COVID a hoax.

  • Harris insisting that she and Biden won’t end fracking, despite dozens of YouTube videos proving not only was she lying, but it could also alienate some of the Green New Deal progressives who don’t understand the politics of fracking.
  • Kamala’s scowling, cackling laugh, and all-around bug-eyed ‘I got gas’ facial expressions that only proved why she’s so unlikeable.
  • Not answering the ‘Pack the court’ question.

Overall Grade For The Vice Presidential Debate

    • Mike Pence A-
    • Kamala Harris C+

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