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by Michael Duane Small:

“If to please the people, we offer what we ourselves disapprove, how can we afterwords defend our work?  Let us raise the standard to which the wise and honest can repair.  The event is in the hands of God.”

— George Washington

We know we have lived under the thumb of those who believe in a Democracy, or democratic form of Government rather than a Republic or Republican form of Government, but who understands the difference.

Simply put, in a Democracy our rights can be voted away and a constitution can be changed by any fast talking politician. In a Republic the Constitution is the Supreme Law that is protected by limiting the powers of government where citizens rights can never be voted away and are kept in check by our Bill of Rights of which are the government’s bill of Limitations, or what the government may not do. Here you will understand why Judges are limited as to what they may do, but have violated the very fabric of our Republic by overstepping their judicial authority.

Understand that any legislation that appears as law but is repugnant to the Constitution is in fact a non law and is as if it had never been written. Thus, we live in a system of laws that are completely illegal and reflect on a nation of contract law rather than the true law of a republic or the common laws

No one should ever be allowed to serve in a legislative or judicial position of trust who do not understand these basic differences and agree with the very foundation of principles set by our founding fathers.


The are two concerns within this discussion that will cause confusion by citizens where the Federal Constitution and states rights come onto play.

First: Every new and sovereign state must adopt a Constitution that mirrors the Federal Constitution and the basic protection of all Sovereign citizen are within the first 10 Amendments.

These protections have never been negotiable as they relate to the Supreme Law of our Sovereign Nation and must reflect so within each State Constitution where all States are in fact Constitutional and Sovereign Republics (Nations/Countries) who volunteered to join a union of Sovereign States (Republics) for self protection. Therefore, these states must govern themselves accordingly but the Federal government may not dictate to a sovereign state or states within the union.

2nd Amendment is as it reads and all Natural citizens remain so placing the 14th and 15th Amendments in direct conflict against the sovereign rights of citizens of the Republics of the Union. The corruption extends into the removal of the Organic 13th Amendment and again making the 13th Amendment unconstitutional and illegal as within the Constitution and the dictates of our founding fathers, “All men are created equal” and therefore free and sovereign citizens and not subject to the perversions of evil men who dictate that somehow a man, because of his race, religion or skin color in someway makes him inferior and not entitled to Sovereignty under our Common Laws of Mankind.

Thus the present Constitution is invalid and the only Constitution that is valid is our Organic Constitution; a gift from our founders to insure all Citizens into perpetuity are protected under “God’s” Laws or the Common Laws of all men within this Constitutional Republic of sovereign and constitutional republics (each with their own government, constitution and Flag).

The 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments where Sovereignty is an issue are totally unconstitutional and illegal.

The 16th Amendment being unconstitutional as Congress has no authority to delegate their responsibility to a foreign power or corporation.

The 17th Amendment is unconstitutional as it removes the protection of Sovereign Republics (state) from federal abuses within Congress. All Senators must be appointed by their respective Republics for this very purpose.

Thus, we see plainly, the power grab of those in powerful positions of trust who have committed treason against these united states by bringing all sovereign Republics under the control of the Federal government with the 14th Amendment of 1868, by classifying all citizens as United States Citizens; removing their sovereign right as Natural citizens born within a specific state.  In fact, to be a United States citizen you would have had to be born in Washington DC.

In the case of eligibility to hold the office of President or Vice President and in specifically calling into the subject of Marco Rubio;

Marco Rubio was born in Florida to two Cuban citizens who were in the United states legally. However, they were not citizens and when they became citizens Marco was then entitled to citizenship, but he was still naturalized and not a natural born citizen by virtue of his naturalization.

Thus, Marco Rubio Is constitutionally disqualified and by virtue of the illegal and unconstitutional amendment noted above relating to a United States Citizens is a product of Washington DC overreach of powers, should not be considered in any manner as being eligible to hold the office of President or Vic President.

A United States citizen may own no property and is subject to all kinds of tax and federal laws and legislation. Under the Common Laws and our Organic Constitution a Natural born of a Republic is sovereign and therefore is entitled to own property without taxation and licensing and is not subject to Washington DC rule but is entitled to Constitutional Self and Sovereign protection as a citizen of these united states. (Lower case signifying Sovereign)

A citizen government must always be attended to by its citizens, least through complacency and apathy, thieves take advantage.

“When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men (and women) living together in society, they create for themselves in the course of time a legal system that authorizes itvand a moral code that glorifies it.”

— Frederick Bastiat , His book, “The Law”

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