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Will the real President of the United States please stand up? Because there’s no evidence that Joe Biden is actually the POTUS.

The video clip below shows the President of the United States Joe Biden, who for some reason is wearing two face masks, wandering around with his typical ‘where am I?‘ look plastered on his face.

Since the President of the United States refuses to actually have a press conference,.

Seconds after W.S. Jenkins’ mouthpiece finished spewing his ‘whatever’ speech, reporters attempted to get Biden to answer a few questions.

But as they’ve done since the day Joe Biden announced he’s running for President. Biden’s handlers leaped into action growing more louder as they became more agitated as reporters continued to fired off question after question.

In fact, one of Clueless Joe’s more vocal handlers can repeatedly be heard in the video clip screeching: “come on press, let’s go, we’re gonna move out.”

“Let’s go you guys, come on let’s go,” she repeats herself as one of the reporters tries to ask Biden about “the crisis at the border.”

President Of The United States…Dementia Joe

Joe Biden seems to be going downhill faster than even some Conservative pundits expected.

Since his dementia seems to be growing exponentially, the Biden Administration has been left with rolling out old Joe for a few minutes a day to sign another one of the Democrats’ record-setting number of Executive Orders.

Only to have him immediately leave afterward like some mentally challenged patient who been told if he hurries there’s a Jello cup waiting for him.

Ironically, after weeks of conservatives literally get censored out of existence for suggesting that anyone other than Joe Biden won the election last November.

A month and 1/2 since being sworn in, and now even Democrats aren’t sure if Joe Biden is actually the Commander-in-Chief.

And as each day passes, it’s becoming even more and more evident that he’s not.

Day 48 of ‘Hidin’ Biden’

Last week Americans watched in disbelief as Joe Biden sitting alone at a table and looking very much like that crazy Uncle your mother invited over for Thanksgiving.

Biden looking up at a giant screen from which House Speaker Nancy Pelosi stared awkwardly back, fake smiling as clueless Joe started rambling something about the COVID vaccine and opening hearts.

America’s pretend President then gave his handlers a heart attack when Joe Biden said: “I’m happy to take questions

I’m sure, at that moment, many in the Biden entourage pooped themselves when they realized that Biden’s brain inexplicitly kicked into gear and for an instant, he started actually acting as if he was the President of the United States of America.

But as fast as Joe Biden’s mental curtain rose, it dropped.

Before even his handlers could react, Biden’s face went blank and using his bizarre nickname for the smiling soul sucker staring back at him, that we call Nancy Pelosi.

Joe Biden sputtered: “If that’s what I’m supposed to do, Nance?” meekly adding: “Whatever you want me to do,” 

For a few agonizing moments, the screen only showed Nancy Pelosi’s face twitching like it does after it receives a bad botox batch, and the purported ‘most powerful person on planet Earth’ looking very much like a drowning man reaching out desperately for a life preserver.

The dynamic duo of dimwitted Democrats simply sat there staring at each other as if realizing a page was missing from their script when the screen suddenly showed a test pattern of colored bars accompanied by a long grating ‘beeeeeeeeeeep’.

Understandably, Joe Biden’s handlers had little choice except to pull the plug on America’s brain-dead figurehead of a President.

If that’s what I’m supposed to do, Nance?

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