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President Biden hasn’t just received backlash after his speech in Philadelphia from the right, it’s coming from those on the left as well.

During a speech on September 1, 2022, Biden said, “Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundation of our Republic.”

CBS White House correspondent Ed O’Keefe was clearly uncomfortable with Biden’s speech.

The lighting made the producers at CNN so uncomfortable that they tried to change their camera filters.

CNN’s Brianna Keilar was also upset about the president’s speech.

“Whatever you think of this speech, the military is supposed to be apolitical. Positioning Marines in uniform behind President Biden for a political speech flies in the face of that. It’s wrong when Democrats do it. It’s wrong when Republicans do it,” the CNN host said.

Liberals were furious, claiming that CNN is now “baby Fox News.”

“You know CNNs transformation into Baby Fox News is officially complete when Brianna Keilar goes MAGA,” one “vote blue” supporter said.

According to MSNBC, it was all down on purpose.

The backlash had White House officials like Ronald Klain throwing a temper tantruem.

Other White House officials were furious the press was criticizing them.


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