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by Cherylynn Costner:

When President Trump honored the worst journalists of the years with his Fake News Awards it was reported by Mainstream Media (MSM) or rather Deep State Media (DSM) as some kind of joke.  After this week’s White House Correspondence Dinner which featured low hanging fruit comedians, apparently the threshold for what they call a joke is so low a mouse could trip the laugh wire hanging right across the floor.  No low too low!

Funny thing is, excuse my pun, is that conservative comedians are funny enough had the purpose been for entertainment, not just one more opportunity to destroy an award show style of political rants.  I wonder why the comedians who are not spear chuckers for the far left were not invited.  Can’t the left take a joke?  Nope.  But let’s say it was more than a DSM platform to savagely attack the women of the Trump Administration and was actually to make people have a good time and enjoy a few laughs.  Do you think Jeff Foxworthy could have ripped an few belly giggling laughs during the fund raiser event?  Here is an example for those who may not be familiar with his comedic style.

What about Lisa Lampanelli?  If crack whores like Susan Wolf can take the stage, cut Lisa some time to crack a few laughs too.  Fair is fair, right?  Oh, calling Wolf a crack whore not funny.  Opps, the one way track of their punch lines are not to be ignored.  Even high school girls have to be politically correct with their prom dresses now, as if there is such a thing.

Women, maybe that is it.  It is women,lol.  You got to watch their mouths!!  Lisa might be to funny for that starched up liberal gang in DC.  How about good old boy Larry the Cable Guy?  Did he get over looked because he could not fit into a tuxedo? LMAO.  That’s right, I made a little joke there, heheheh.  Let’s say Larry did slip pass the security and get in thru the back door and steal the stage.  Would he have ripped the steams out of those tight evening gowns for making the girls laugh too hard?

So obviously, it is not like there is a shortage of conservative comedians. Roseanne Barr is proving that on ABC taking the ratings every Tuesday night!  Click here in case you have missed her new hit show “ROSEANNE” .  Were the WHCD producers afraid Roseanne would have stole the show?  Or was it more that they afraid that their comedians would look limp and worthless in comparison, so they dare not bring a real comedian in as Roseanne would have left them all crying in the dirt of their own filthy poor excuses for jokes!  It could NOT be that they did not think or her.  They have no valid excuse being that Roseanne Barr is the top comedian on television at this time.

Come on, snap out of it before the late night news puts all the late night comedians out of a job.  The liberals are so lame they have stopped being funny for so long many people on both sides no longer try to watch anymore.  It is just a shame though that the liberals have no sense of humor, as if they are trapped in mind control or self fulfilling prophecy of delusion.  The joke is worn out and simply a bother by now.  Even Diamond and Silk who are political commentators were restricted from monetizing their million plus follower ads like every one else gets, they get even further attacked at Congress.

Facebook has been harassing me too as a The Trump Times writer.  This post is about how $21 Trillion dollars is missing because someone cooked the books under the past few administrations.  Can you tell by the way my post looks after being censored by Facebook.  To find out, go click on the link below and to share on Facebook.  All it will say is Trump Times with no info on article at all!

At least the DMS removed any shadow of a doubt that they are biased and out of control with the White House Correspondence Dinner. Not surprising, but at least they have erased any and all doubt.  At least we have a president who does not stop at just making America great again, he wants to make television great again too!

When it is all said and done, the last laugh is on the right.  The rants were so mean and pathetic that they are some of the best advocates for making the democrats swap sides.  You can’t buy the bad press they make for themselves.  It took over 12 million to buy the fake Dossier against Trump, but they pay people like Susan Wolf to tank the Dems and although it costs the students seeking education funds for college, they make themselves look petty and cruel all on their own.  And no, calling Ms.Wolf a “feminist” is no saving grace.  If that is what she is then the word Feminist needs to be redefined to properly describe the vile disconnect with truth and humanity that is appears to now represent.

Let them laugh at us.  We are laughing too, but it would be nice to see actual comedians from time to time.  Perhaps The Fake News Awards can add real comedians to the 2018 Awards Show!!

Thank for reading and remember to keep smiling.  Indeed, we are Making America Great Again.



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