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Every College Student should have a copy of this.

We were and are a Grand Constitutional Republic of many Constitutional Republics and we are protected by OUR Constitution of which is the Supreme Law of this Land.  Thus, the Constitution may never be changed.  It belongs to every citizen as a gift from our founders and protected under Old Blacks Law under 3rd Party Beneficiaries.  What is yours I have no right to change and what is mine you have no right to change, so who are we today “according to OUR government and how many in Congress keep their oath to our constitution?

Listen to the News Media talk about our Democracy and ask yourselves “When was the united States ever a Democracy?

Listen to the News and ask yourselves why the Democrats and the Republicans have their favorite picks for Supreme Court Justices they consider, Moderate, Conservative or Liberal and then ask yourselves, —–

What is the prime responsibility of any Supreme Court Justice if is not simply to SERVE, PROTECT AND DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION for the united States and NEVER to make decisions based on their personal politics?”

Ask yourselves, “Do we have a Government of the People, By the People and For the People or are those we send to serve nothing but political puppets of Special Interest Groups and Lobbyists and if this is the case,

Why don’t we demand TERM LIMITS and no benefits for Elected Representatives of the People  (just serve and go home) and while you are at it,

Ask yourselves if Lawyers should ever be allowed to serve in our Congress? (a government OF the people, BY the people and FOR the people and . . . . . .

Where is our 13th Amendment dealing with Gifts from foreign entities and Letters of Mark?  What has been stolen from the citizens of this Constitutional Republic and why?

Isn’t Washington DC just a Circus and not a Government?  What right do they have to dictate to States or Citizens if it is a Citizens Government?

What is the Resolution of 1780 and why is the only reference to Federal control in any state listed in Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17 of the US Constitution?  Consider:  The only territory the Federal Government has authority over is 10 square miles the people of the many Republics designated as the peoples government; i.e. Washington DC.

Why do we not have our own money, but are forced to use a Federal Reserve Note that is not Federal and there is and never has been any reserve?  What was the purpose of the National Banking Act of 1864 and what did the author of this Act say when he discovered the error he had made:  RE:  Samuel P. Chase, Secretary of the Treasury under Abraham Lincoln and what was Lincoln’s thoughts when he was stuck with this Act?

Why the Act of 1871?  What was it and what did it do the the citizens of this nation of nations?  The sale of Washington DC to the Rothschild’s for the Civil War debt and why did we need international bankers who have created the wars to control our nation?  How did President Andrew Jackson pay off the national debt the first and only time in US history?

What were the eventual results of this power source controlling our nations capital and who were they? How much control do they wield today?

Who wrote the laws that govern the Federal Reserve; where were they written and how did they ever get through Congress; providing citizens with (a rope around our necks) an illegal and unconstitutional 16th Amendment?  Then why the 17th Amendment which came at the same time?  What were the responsibilities of US Senators and why are they now elected Representatives of Congress rather than appointed by their home states? (Hint:  1. Book:  The Creature From Jekyll Island  2. Control of congress by the corporation.-bought and paid for.)

What do we know about our “so called” government and where is our protection today from international influences?

Why do we use the Corporate Law system and where did it come from when we were to govern ourselves under the Common Laws of Man and what are the common laws of man?

Do we have rights specified in our constitution?   No!  We have what is called, the Bill of Rights, but they are not rights; they are the Government Bill of Limitations or what the Government may not do!

Thank God for Donald Trump and lets end the “We have to Pass it to find our what is in it Clan!”   We have a congress filled with Nancy Pelosi’s.  They may look different but they all seem to think along the same wave length patterns.

Note:  The Corporate Laws almost completely took over this nation by 1935.  They are the laws of the high seas or what is known as the Admiralty laws of which are also known as the Laws of the Crown of England.

Who own’s the UNITED STATES Corporation?   Are we British subjects?

How can sovereign citizens of sovereign states be taxed across borders when all are sovereign?   What is Sovereignty?

What is the Internal Revenue Service and who do they serve?   Do taxes collected by the IRS go to fund the governments or to benefit the international bankers and what is FIAT currency; it sure is not money as money would have a value and currency has no intrinsic value as it is based on hot air and ink on paper!  With Fiat currency used in our monetary system with a fractional banking policy, do you believe banks can refund all the currency we hand over to them for protection?

Social Security was set in place to insure the elderly would never have needs after they retired.   Within the SS Act there is a section called the Old Age Retirement Plan; guaranteed protected by the US Treasury and Congress was required to fund it from capitalist sources; not taxes.  (Minimum 3% compounded annually)  At this rate, congress should have provided a retirement income for Social Security participants of around $100,000 per year.  Where is our money?  Why is Social Security considered welfare today?

Yes citizen, you have been raped, robbed and left in poverty with a national bankrupt monetary system all because we have professional politicians who have never cared to follow our Constitution when there are special interests with deep pockets and yes, our government has been bought and paid for by criminals!

Are we awake yet?  I leave you hear with many unanswered questions and any citizen of the united States who cares will want to take these references and research to know the answers; to know the truth.   However, from time to time I will write on this subject matter.

Have a good day!


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