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Bumbling Joe Biden’s brain must have overheated when two brain cells battled it out screeching OMG is it AFT or ATF, WTF?

It just goes to prove that Joe Biden didn’t get the nickname ‘The Human Gaffe Machine‘ for nothing…He earned it.

Yesterday President Joe Biden once again showed America exactly how, when clueless Joe stumbled over his script on gun control.

During his pandering to the Democrats’ radical left mob, Joe Biden TWICE referred to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives as ‘AFT’ instead of the correct ATF.

Watch Bumbling Joe Biden In Action

NRA Was Quick On The AFT Trigger

Hilariously, the National Rifle Agency was quick to get a little payback for all the time’s Joe Biden lied about the NRA.

Ridiculing bumbling Joe online, tweeting to their 842,000 followers:  ‘Someone tell Biden it is “ATF” – not “AFT”,’ with an emoji showing crying with laughter.

That wasn’t the only mocking Clueless Joe Received For His AFT Gaffe

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