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Tonight Vice President Mike Pence and Democratic VP candidate Kamala Harris will take to the stage tonight in a high-stakes one-off VP Debate.

With less than a month until voters go to the poll to decide who’ll be leading America for the next four years, Pence and Harris will face-off in what is sure to be a wild Vice-Presidential debate.

There is little doubt one of the main topics of discussion will be President Donald Trump’s recent COVID-19 diagnosis and the decisions the Trump/Biden administration has taken during the worldwide Coronavirus pandemic that has already left more than 210,000 Americans dead.

The debate is scheduled for 9 p.m. Eastern and will take place at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City.

Democrats, And Media Start Bashing Pence Early

The Democrats, through their mainstream media cohorts, have already made VP Mike Pence’s presence on the debate stage a source of controversy.

Vice President Pence recently attended at least two events with people who were later diagnosed with COVID-19, then worked from home for a few days as more than a dozen White House associates tested positive.

As we previously reported just hours after President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump tested positive for COVID, thankfully, VP Mike Pence and second lady Karen Pence tested negative for the coronavirus.

Mike Pence and wife, Second Lady have since tested negative on multiple occasions, but the Democrats have argued that Pence continuing his previously scheduled campaign events is reckless, given Trump’s uncertain health and the VP’s status as next-in-command.

The Biden was also reported, as of Tuesday, to be miffed at the Trump campaign rejecting stricter protocols for the VP debate, such as the two adversaries being separated by a wall of plexiglass, which both campaigns agreed to install at the last moment.

VP Debate Shield

Nevertheless, Pence and Harris, the two campaigns have agreed to stand several feet farther away from one another than what had been originally planned.

Pence faces a series of uphill challenges.

Kamala Harris will surly portray VP Pence as being one of the major decision-makers in some of the Trump Administration’s more unpopular responses during the early days of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Pence will undoubtedly counter with Joe Biden offering only solutions that President Trump had already implemented, as well as focusing on Biden accusing President Trump of being a racist, xenophobe after his January 31st travel ban on China that according to Dr. Fauci saved tens of thousands of American lives.

The expectations are high for Kamala Harris, too.

Harris has in the past excelled in high-pressure public-speaking settings. But ironically, Harris’ most memorable moment during the Democratic primary was in attacking her running mate Joe Biden over his record on busing.

Pence may touch upon her factless questioning of people like Attorney General Bill Barr and implying that now-Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh was an alcoholic, and far more repugnantly, a rapist.

After Biden tapped her as his running mate in August, Harris has largely stayed out of the spotlight except for her speech at the Democratic National Convention. So this may be the Trump/Pence campaign’s only opportunity to hold her accountable for her more questionable decisions as both the California Attorney General and State Senator.

What Will The Voters Be Looking For?

Undecided voters will be looking to the Vice President for both optimism and assurances that the Trump campaign, which has been trailing Biden by an average of about 9 points, can once again move the country in the right direction once a vaccine for COVID puts an end to the pandemic.

Given the almost complete lack of substance in the first Presidential debate between President Donald Trump and Obama’s former VP Joe Biden.

Many experts believe the VP debate will be an opportunity to refocus the conversation on what policies each candidate believes will be best for America moving forward.

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