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The mainstream media not reporting the facts about who Daunte Wright was, is helping Black Lives Matter create another faux martyr to fuel their Brooklyn Center rioting.

First, In no way am I saying in this article that Daunte Wright deserved to die.

It was a horrific shooting by an ill-trained female Police officer who, even if she shot and killed Daunte Wright “by accident” she should be held accountable.

This article is directed at the Black Lives Matter organization and their mainstream media cohorts pushing a fraudulent narrative about Daunte Wright being some innocent 20 years old young father being gunned down in another officer-involved racist shooting all because he had an air freshener hanging from his rearview mirror.

It almost goes without saying that the liberal Twitter mob went right along in regurgitating this ‘feelings aren’t facts’ idiocy.


And as TTuskerDaily reported yesterday, despite the female police officer horrifically taking the life of Daunte Wright after she “accidentally” mistook her gun for a taser.

The fact remains, that even before the bodycam video showed us what truly happened the media didn’t bother attempting to answer who was right or wrong.

They simply pushed their one-sided image of an angelic young father posing with his one-year-old child.

Of course, the picture was attached to a story that either conveniently overlooked facts, or buried any damning information at the bottom of their 3,000-word ‘racist’s police want to shoot black people‘ rant.

But despite having inexhaustible resources, the mainstream media failed to show a video of Daunte Wright blithely smoking and waving his handgun.

Or an abundance of images showing him flashing gang signs, waving a wad of cash, and of course, flashing his illegally owned gun.

Daunte Wright holding illegal gun TuskerDaily

Daunte Wright Arrest Warrant

In order to claim that they reported the story accurately. The mainstream media will slip in towards the very end of the story that Wright was being arrested for an outstanding warrant.
But not shockingly, they either keep to their original reporting about the Brooklyn Center Police being unable to provide the reason for why the arrest warrant was issued.
But while this may have been true mere minutes after the tragic shooting.
After 48-hours that excuse doesn’t fly, because there was documented proof that the arrest warrant was issued after Daunte Wright failed to show up in court to answer for possessing an illegal firearm.
Of course, this makes the media’s silence even more damning considering their ‘Gun Control Now’ posturing.
The criminal complaint below states that Wright had been arrested for carrying an unregistered Ruger .45 pistol in public, and ironically, fleeing Police.
An arrest warrant for Daunte Wright was issued after he skipped his April 2, court date.
Daunte Write Arrest Warrant

Daunte Wright Tried To Flee From Police

The media, and the left’s social media mob also conveniently overlook the fact that the events that led up to Wright being shot were due to his attempting to escape the Police as he was being handcuffed.
While the left’s social media mob continues to spew their never-ending reasons of why Daunte Wright should be alive today.
The undeniable fact is:
  • If Wright didn’t carry an illegal gun. Or…
  • Went to court as he should have. Or…
  • Didn’t attempt to escape while being arrested.


Be aware this video is graphic:

I will repeat myself once more.

In no way am I saying Daunte Wright deserved to die. It was a horrific shooting by an ill-trained female Police officer who, even if it was “by accident” should be held accountable.
But to push the narrative that Daunte Wright was some babe in the woods is a blatant disregard to the truth.
But if this Police Officer should be held accountable for Daunte’s appalling death.
Then the media knowingly omitting the facts must also be held accountable for the BLM  violence, rioting, looting, and arson that has taken place over the past two nights in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota.

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