What is Important to You this Election Day?

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by Wayne Simmes: We are little over a year and a half into the presidency of Donald Trump.  During that short period of time, I believe that he has accomplished more good for the United States than most presidents accomplish in a full two terms.  Certainly, he has accomplished far more than his predecessor did in his eight years in the highest office of the land.

So one would assume that the media would be singing his praises but that is not the case.  If you followed the main news stories from CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, MSNBC or most any other news outlet, what you have heard the most about is Russian meddling in our elections. One would have to assume therefore that topic is of utmost interest to the American people.  But is that really true?  For myself, I find it to be of no interest what-so-ever.  Ask yourself, whether that topic is true or false does it affect your life in any way.  My answer would be absolutely not.  There is no evidence that even one vote was changed by this so-called meddling.  So the election of Donald Trump was in no way affected by Russia. My life was not changed one iota by what Russia did or did not do prior to the election of 2016.

On the other hand, what has happened since January of 2017 has made a profound difference in my life.  One of the main worries that I had, if Hillary Clinton was elected, was that the Supreme Court would bend sharply to the left.  That would mean that my right to own and bear arms would probably be limited if not taken away altogether.  It would also mean that my right to practice my religion would be sharply curtailed in favor of those who think that religion should not be a part of our way of life.  Homosexuality and abortion would win out over those of us that believe that marriage is between one man and one woman and those of us who believe that life begins at conception.  But Trump kept his promise by appointing Neil Gorsuch keeping the balance of the court where it has been for many years.  Hopefully he will be able to appoint one or two more conservatives during his presidency and swing the court further to the conservative point of view.

Despite Nancy Pelosi’s statements that the tax cuts that were put forward by the President and enacted by Congress were crumbs, we have seen the economy begin to boom because of them.  The lower corporate rate has created jobs as companies get to use more of the available money to expand their operations and hire new workers.  The extra thousand dollars or so that the average person has seen in their paychecks has made it possible for them to buy more goods and services which in turn creates even more jobs.  Trump promised when he was running that he would rescind two regulations for each new one that was put into action, but he has gone well beyond that.

Some of those regulations were job killers.  Because of removing regulations on coal and other fossil fuels, mines have reopened and miners are going back to work.  Because more areas were opened up to drilling and fracking we are on our way to energy independence and soon may surpass all other countries in the exporting of oil and natural gas.  Instead of buying oil from other countries, which puts us into a trade deficit, we will now be able to export oil and gas to give us a trade surplus.

The first Tuesday in November is rapidly approaching and we the people have some severe choices to make.  The first decision is will you take the time and effort to go to the polls and exercise your right to vote.  Is it worth perhaps a half hour and some standing in a line to make sure that your voice is heard?  Never before in our history has a midterm election been so profoundly important in where our country is going.  Who you vote for in that ballot box decides what kind of country and economy you want.

If you believe, like Nancy Pelosi that the thousand or two thousand dollars you received in the form of tax cuts is crumbs and are willing to return that money to the federal government then you should vote for a Democrat.  If you believe that we have too many jobs in this country, then you should vote for a Democrat.  If you believe that we should have less manufacturing jobs in this country, you should vote for a Democrat.  If you believe that competition for qualified workers, that lead to higher wages for workers is a bad thing you should vote for a Democrat.

The Democrats have already announced that if they retake the House and Senate they will introduce legislation to rescind the Tax Cuts and Jobs Acts reversing the effects that bill has had on the economy.  If you want to see the best economy I have seen in my long life is a bad thing, you should vote for a Democrat.  If you want to see more people out of work and on welfare and food stamps you should vote for a Democrat.

If however, you like the idea of having more jobs than people to fill them, creating competition for your labor, you should vote for a Republican.  A very wise man once said, “It is the economy, stupid”.  No reasonable person could argue that our present economy is not far better than it has been in decades.  So all reasonable people should cast their votes to keep it humming.  That would be a vote to keep a Republican majority in both houses.

Let’s move on to another area where your vote will decide the direction of our country.  If you believe that anyone should be allowed to enter our country without vetting, including terrorists, criminals, drug dealers, and mules and violent gang members, then you should vote for a Democrat.  If however, you believe that people entering our country should come in the right way, you should vote for a Republican.  If you believe that those that have already entered our country illegally should be held to the same standards as our own citizens, you should vote for a Republican.  But, if you think that these border jumping criminals should be given preferential treatment, being protected by sanctuary cities and states, you should vote for a Democrat.

If you like the idea of gridlock, where nothing gets accomplished, you should vote for a Democrat.  One of the things that Trump ran on was to repeal and replace Obamacare.  He had it completed until John McCain came out of the woodwork and voted the deciding vote against the replacement.  But keep in mind, McCain should never have been the deciding vote.  At least a few Democrats should have seen the value in getting rid of the job-killing Obamacare.  And I am sure that they did, but they did not have the courage to buck the Democratic leadership.  So if you wish to continue with this type of gridlock, you are a true Democrat voter.  But if you want to get things done.  If you want the tax cuts for normal people, to be made permanent you must vote for a Republican.

Let’s consider treaties.  We now have a new improved version of the North American Free Trade Agreement.  But it cannot be completed without being confirmed by Congress.  If the Democrats are in power, no matter how good this agreement is or how much good it will do for the farmers and factory workers of our country, the Democrats will block it.  That is a fact because the Democrats do not care about what is good for the United States.  They only care about wresting power from the people and keeping it for themselves.  And what will happen if North Korea finally comes to the table with an agreement to denuclearize and end the war that has been put on hold for over 60 years?  If the Democrats are in control of Congress they will not agree to anything no matter how much good it does for the Korean peninsula or our own country.  They would rather see Korea keep their nuclear weapons than to appear to give any credit to President Trump.

One of the main reasons that people gave for voting for Donald Trump was the Supreme Court.  Many wanted to make sure that conservative judges would be appointed to the highest court in the land.  And now we have two excellent people that have filled the vacancies of Antonin Scalia and Anthony Kennedy.  But the battle is not over.  We have just went through one of the most disgusting confirmation processes that I have ever seen.  One would think that the Democrats would be ashamed of themselves for trying to destroy a good man’s name and reputation but they are doubling down.  They say that if they retake the House that they will begin impeachment proceedings against Justice Brett Kavanaugh.  We cannot let that happen.  The best way to stop it is to keep the majority in the House of Representatives.  We also need to expand the majority in the Senate so that when the next opening occurs, hopefully, Ruth Bader Ginsberg will resign, we can fill that seat with a little less drama than just occurred.

So each of us have to ask ourselves, what is important to me and my family.  Do you want to continue the greatest economy that the United States has ever seen, or would you rather vote for a Democrat?  The choice is yours.  Consider the alternatives before you pull the lever.

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