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By Kathy Crest:

THIS IS HUGE! A new video has surfaced that proves there were multiple locations in Las Vegas where shootings occurred on October 1st, and that the feds are LYING TO US!

The video, taken by a man in his room at the MGM Grand, shows one hour footage of victims being pulled out of the Hooters Casino and Restaurant, which is directly across from the MGM. This scandal is giving a whole new meaning to “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.”

As my son, husband and I sat in horror watching this video, and coming to the full realization that we now have 100% proof that federal authorities are lying to us, my 25 year old son had something hit him out of the blue like a ton of bricks. He recalled reading the original recount of one of the witnesses to the shooting, the 28 year old woman who mysteriously died shortly afterwards, even though she was not injured in the attack.

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He remembered her saying that her group, who was at the concert that night, had managed to escape the gun fire that she said was all around them, and following them. She recalled multiple shooters on the ground that seemed to follow them wherever they went. But what was really riveting, is a paragraph of her testimony where she speaks about getting all the way to Hooters, only to see people fleeing that casino in terror, and thinking, “There must be a shooter there, too!”

I literally have goose bumps writing this story. What are the feds hiding from us? There are TOO MANY PEOPLE with accounts of shootings taking place at different casinos for our conspiracies to be denied. What are they trying to cover up? If this was a terror attack, wouldn’t they “want” us to know about it, even if they were the creators of it? Did something go wrong during the attack? There are more questions than answers, but there  is more proof than ever that we are NOT just conspiracy theorists as George Bush just accused us of.

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How did  28 year old woman die of natural causes? What did she know? How did authorities think they could EVER get away with this kind of cover up when it took place in a town that never sleeps?

The video clearly shows that police and ambulances showed up at Hooters before they were ever sent to the Mandalay Bay. The man speaking as he was videotaping talks about people being carried out, not knowing if they were dead or just injured. Approximately 10 minutes into the video, you see the flashing lights approaching the Mandalay Bay. It is the chilling evidence we have been waiting for.

Where are the surveillance videos from Mandalay Bay? Why is the coroner’s office on lock down? Why did the security guard who was shot on the 32nd floor go missing for 5 days, then show up on the Ellen Show, who just happens to be in partnership with the MGM, and who’s own picture is featured on slot machines there? Why was the guard’s family members issued gag orders, and why did he disappear after being booked on 5 news programs? Why were their armed guards around his family’s home? Why does the sheriff officer, who gives out the reports, look like he is scared out of his wits, and why does the FBI agent linger directly behind him with a glare that could burn a hole through the sheriff’s head?

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We want answers and we want them NOW. Is this their way of trying to push us into a civil war? Are they taking advantage of a terror attack to push gun control? The feds couldn’t possibly think we are as stupid as they are taking us for. I don’t have the answers, but someone out there does.

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