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The View co-host Meghan McCain gave Buttigieg three chances to change his repugnant Infanticide answer, but he stuck to his idiocy.


Pete Buttigieg was on The View Thursday and co-host Meghan McCain wanted some clarification on his abortion position.

She brought up a democrat in Iowa who asked if there was any room in the democratic party for pro-lifers like her. Buttigieg told the woman she didn’t belong in the new radical democratic party. From there, McCain asked about Buttigieg’s extremist baby-killing position.

“This is your quote: “There a lot of parts of the Bible that talk about how life begins with breath so even that is something we can interpret differently.’ It obviously, in my circles, was passed around everywhere because I think the interpretation from pro-life people like me was that you meant a baby actually being born,” said McCain.

“We live in a country in which it is extremely important that no one person have to be subject to another person’s interpretation of their own religion,” said Buttigieg.

So that’s a definite yes on the infanticide thing.

McCain gave Buttigieg a chance to change his horrible answer. She again brought up Ralph Northam’s love of infanticide and asked Buttigieg, “I want to know where your line is.”

“My point is, it shouldn’t be up to a government official to draw the line. It should be up to the woman who is confronted with the choice,” replied Buttigieg.

McCain gave Buttigieg one more chance to not be a complete monster.

“I just know that I trust her and her decision medically or morally isn’t going to be any better because the government is commanding her to do it in a certain way,” replied Buttigieg.


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