Watch: One Question Demolish’s Democrat During Debate, ‘Who Pays For Your…

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Not all Republicans are big fans of Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC), but control of the House is important, and her district supports her.

The incumbent Republican is facing Democratic opponent Annie Andrews and the two recently debated.

Kudos to Andrews for actually debating Mace, but it didn’t go well for her, and it took just one question.

Andrews and Mace had a back-and-forth about healthcare and government spending. Mace pointed out how when government gets in control, it spends recklessly. One of the two moderators asked Andrews who would pay for her far-left health care plan.

“And who pays for your plan?” Asked the moderator.

“I’m sorry?” Replied Andrews.

“Who pays for your plan? How would that plan be paid for?” The moderator repeated.

“So we just…we need to focus on delivering high-quality health care,” answered Andrews.


In the exchange below, Mace went after Andrews far-left ideology.


It’s not surprising Democrats are refusing to debate certain Republicans because it goes really bad when they do.

Just watch during a debate for the Oregon race for governor…


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