WATCH NYC Mayor de Blasio Heckled, Chased From Anti-Asian Hate Vigil

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Pandering NYC Mayor de Blasio the poster child for ‘politicians that make you feel like you need a shower after meeting’ was heckled and chased away by those attending Friday night’s anti-Asian violence vigil in NYC’s Union Square.

De Blasio pounced at the chance to invite himself to the anti-Asian violence protest that also mourned the victims of this week’s massage parlor shootings in Georgia.

The diverse crowd gathered on 14th Street in Manhattan to demand an end to hate crimes and bias after a lone gunman killed six Asian women, a white male, and a white female in Atlanta-area attacks on Tuesday night.

Of course, the Democrats and their media cohorts conveniently forget to mention there were two white victims and also a Hispanic who was injured during this horrific shooting.

Or the fact that the POS shooter was motivated by sex, not racism.

Pandering NYC Mayor de Blasio Invites Himself to the Anti-Asian Crime Protest

Mourners lit candles, held signs reading “Stop Killing Us” and “Stop Asian Hate,” and laid flowers in front of makeshift memorials, as pandering Democrat politicians addressed protesters, some of whom turned their anger on NYC’s moronic pandering mayor.

As de Blasio read from his dusted off, and now updated ‘Stop the anti-Jewish violence’ speech he gave in 2019.

A chorus of people demanded “What are you going to do about it?” as de Blasio called for victims of anti-Asian bias crimes to come forward, so New York City can do nothing about it.

The mayor was surrounded by about a dozen hostile protesters as his motorcade left the event, video posted on Twitter showed.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and mayoral hopeful Andrew Yang were among the Democrats other high-profile panderers who called for peace and healing at the Asian American Federation-hosted event.

The NYPD has recorded a 1300 percent increase in anti-Asian hate crimes during the coronavirus pandemic and has stepped up patrols in Asian neighborhoods following the massage parlor murders.

As my 10th grade teacher, Mr. Scalia used to say, if anyone uses percentages to make their argument they’re hiding something.

Of course, he was correct.

New York City – Number of Asian-Hate Crimes:

  • 2019 – 1
  • 2020 – 27

Los Angeles  – Number of Asian-Hate Crimes:

  • 2019 – 7
  • 2020 – 15

Seattle – Number of Asian-Hate Crimes:

  • 2019 – 21
  • 2020 -49 (Blacks 274 / White 55)

Of course, de Blasio, Schumer, and every other delusional Democrat claim that the rise in anti-Asian bias crimes was started by Donald Trump calling COVID the Wuhan/Chinese virus.

Except there are two problems with the Democrats liberal logic:

First, a majority of the violence against Asians is happening in San Fransico, Seattle, New York City, and Los Angeles. Which every American knows are cities filled with MAGA hat-wearing residents who act on Trump’s every word...Just Kidding.

But there is one commonality among these cities…They’re all Democrat hotbeds.

Second, The Democrats conveniently leave out that when the pandemic took hold in January, and February 2020, the mainstream media for weeks had been calling COVID the Wuhan and/or Chinese virus.

That is until mid-March 2020 when the Democrats informed their media lackey’s that we can lable Trump a Xenophobe for calling COVID the Wuhan and/or Chinese virus.

A fact that TuskerDaily reminded another egregious pandering Democrat liar, Rep. Ted Lieu (Lie-to-U)


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