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MSNBC’s Katy Tur embarrassed herself when she grabbed a voter and asked who he voted for in the NH primary.


Judging by how confidently ran over to ask him questions, I assume MSNBC’s Katy Tur thought he might have been a Bernie Sanders supporter, or worse case a Democrat.

She asked the voter “Who did you vote for? And Katy Tur was shocked when the voter told her he voted for “Donald John Trump.”

Hysterically, Katy Tur showed you exactly how unbiased she is when she responded: “Bernie Sanders is not appealing to you?”

Tur’s response shows you just how moronic she is. Who in the world would ask such an imbecilic question? 

Katy Tur’s question was on par with someone answering “Jesus” and then her following up with “But what about The Devil?”

Of course, being the simpleminded reporter Katy Tur is, she stepped right on the rake that slammed her in the face when she waited for an answer.

The voter answered Katy Tur’s idiocy perfectly:

“The whole ideology would be destructive to the country.”

“It’s anti-growth. It’s anti-family. It’s anti-American. And, as a Roman Catholic, it’s anti-life”

A moment after he answered Katy Tur practically pushed the “How Dare You! You American Capitalist Pig” away from the camera hoping she wouldn’t be doubling down on her nonsense as she went to seek out another voter.

Katy Tur, WTH? This happened to you just last week?

You would have thought Katy Tur’s one brain cell would’ve learned it’s lesson after she tried ambushing farmers in Iowa with “Orange Man Bad Tariffs”

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