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MSNBC political analyst and former Clinton campaign aide Zerlina Maxwell claimed first time caucus-goer turnout in Iowa was low Monday night because racist white people don’t care about “brown kids in cages.”


While MSNBC’s Zerlina Maxwell was blaming Racist White People for the low voter turnout in Iowa, she must have forgotten it was Obama and the Democrats who created those cages?

On Tuesday’s MSNBC Live with Craig Melvin, the host asked his guests why caucus-goer turnout was lower this year than in 2016, since President Trump was a “motivator” for the left to get out and vote.

Maxwell complained it was both racist white people’s fault and also a racist voting system:

It’s not entirely clear whether Maxwell realized she was calling Democrats, racist.

However, she repeated her “systemic racism” line later in the show, this time, to discount her entire argument she made just 30 minutes before. While, at the top of the show, she claimed that white people didn’t come out to vote because of their racist apathy for brown kids, she then flipped the script, saying not enough black people came out because the caucus process was “fundamentally undemocratic”:

“It’s an undemocratic process. You need to be somebody who can take the time off to go and caucus on a Monday night for several hours. If you have kids, who is going to baby-sit?” she asked, adding, “Structurally it’s very undemocratic in a country where people of color are historically marginalized…What you want is more people participating in the process. That’s the foundation of democracy. So what you want to make it easier for people to participate.”



Maxwell wasn’t the only one blaming racism on the Democrats’ caucus chaos. On The View Tuesday, the hosts also bashed white people and suggested racism was at play for the problems.

Behar also bashed Iowa as a “white, red state” that Democrats should avoid. “It’s a Democratic party. Why don’t they go to a blue state and do it?” she asked.

When Meghan McCain brought up New Hampshire, Behar griped, “another white, Republican state,” even though New Hampshire voted Democrat in the past 6 out of 7 presidential election with 2000 the only year they voted red.

That’s when Whoopi brought up failed gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams into the discussion, suggesting she was a victim of racist election fraud:

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