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First, our three websites, TuskerDaily, BackroomBuzz, and BluePillSheep offer our sincere heartfelt apologies for always reporting that Joe Biden was on the verge of having Dementia.

We must also apologize for each time the Human gaffe machine’s making another imbecilic remark like his recently saying 600,000 Americans had died of Coronavirus.

We blamed it on his hair plugs being implanted too deeply.

But according to this 1980s video, a well on his way to looking like Lex Luthor, Joe Biden was making his mind-numbing faux pas’ when men like Clueless Joe still believed combovers were cool.

Or at least cooler than moronic anchormen like ABC’s Sam Donaldson who thought that dead animal who crawled on his head made for an exquisite hairpiece.

No Matter The Decade Joe Biden Was Always Clueless

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