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Moments after the final 2020 Presidential debate had ended, Conservatives pummeled former Vice President Joe Biden for saying he would end oil subsidies and transition away from the oil industry

Especially at a time when America is just clawing its way out of the economic calamity that the Lockdown Happy Democrats have caused.

Republicans pounced on the Democratic nominee for his reckless economic proposal just to appease the simpleminded socialist climate change crazies of the Democrats leftist mob.

Biden’s revelation shocked even the liberal debate moderator NBC News’ Kristen Welker who exclaimed “Why would you do that?”

Biden seemed to not comprehend his idiocy simply responded: “I would transition from the oil industry, yes,”

President Donald Trump, to his credit, instantly realized the pile Joe Biden just stepped into and pestered Joe Biden to indulge us on his wonderful plan to end an industry that employs 350,000 Americans by responding: “Oh. There’s a big statement,”

For which Biden shot back confidently: “It is a big statement,”

Biden then added an asterisk to his statement, saying that the transition from oil would be gradual. That is if one could call wanting to move to net-zero emissions in energy production by 2035, gradual?

After the debate, after his handlers exclaimed “Joe WTF?” As he usually does, Joe Biden tried to backtracked away from his “big statement” claiming that he never said he wanted to end the fossil fuel industry (yes he did) but claimed that he only said he wanted to get rid of subsidies for fossil fuels.

Of course, his backtracking was laughable since every other American, except Democrats, has access to Youtube.

Joe Biden’s Been Lying About Ending Oil Subsidies For Years

Even if Joe Biden’s revisionist history was true, similar to the Democrats pandering every 4-years to the black community about stopping those evil Republicans from, as Joe Biden claimed, ‘putting them back in chains’.

Joe Biden and the Democrats, have been repeating their “we will end all those Republican oil subsidies” lie for decades.

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