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With the news that the Trump Impeachment Trial could be over as early as Friday, Jimmy Kimmel floored the liberal loony toon train and drove it right off the tracks.


You’re 100% Right Jimmy Kimmel, Donald Trump MUST be impeached by any means necessary.

How Dare Dictator Trump…

    • Have the lowest unemployment rate in 50-years.
    • Achieve the lowest unemployment rate for Blacks and Latinos…EVER!
    • Have not only the highest wage rate increase for American workers since 2000.
    • Worse the highest percentage of those wage rate increases went to the lowest American wage earners.
    • The Donald egregiously tried to secure our southern border.
    • He even went so far as to reform criminal justice. Doesn’t that evil Trump know the Democrats have been promising to do that for the past 30-years? And that despicable Trump swooped in at the last minute to try and steal the Democrats glory.
    • And WTH? Trump had the audacity to give middle-class Americans a tax break, what kind of sick bastard lets Americans keep more of their money?
    • And worst of all, something that no honest to goodness red blooded American should ever stand for… Dictator Trump did not start a war with anyone…ANYONE!

President Donald J. Trump must be thrown out of office NOW!

God only knows, if that ‘Orange Man Bad’ steals another four-years he may actually convince American’s that government can work for the people instead of against them.

Jimmy Kimmel’s Not The Only One Triggered

For those liberals who shout from the rooftops for transparency on the part of the President, they overlook the obfuscation of facts when it benefits their fellow Democrats.

Jimmy Kimmel on Wednesday’s show melted down over the impeachment trial looking more and more like it may come to a conclusion on Friday.

Kimmel decided has had enough and in an attempt to pull victory from the jaws of defeat, started name calling the President.

With little time to fool around, the late night host went right to the big guns, calling President Trump a “stupid ape” and a “bastard.”

WOW! I must wonder what would have happened if some no longer comedic show host had called Obama a “stupid ape”?


I want Trump Impeached NOW…NOW…NOW…

Jimmy Kimmel, like every other liberal, believes he’s the smartest person in the room, derided transparency, instead, he called for a “secret ballot” to allow senators to vote to remove Trump from office.

While Jimmy Kimmel absolutely believes most Republicans would turn Benedict Arnold and vote to impeach Trump.

I’m pretty sure there would be far more Democrats who still secretly believe in the Constitution, and the law, voting NOT to Impeach President Trump than there would be RINOs voting for Impeachment.

But I’m simply astounded at the amount of idiocy the left can produce as they see their dreams of witnessing Donald Trump being escorted out of the oval office in handcuffs start to crumble before their very eyes.

Back in 2016 Democrats asked ‘What Does MAGA Even Mean?’

While MAGA means different things to different people, there is no question what TDS means.

Trump Derangement Syndrome is when Jimmy Kimmel and his TDS liberal Democrats friends advocate for breaking the law and disregarding the United States Constitution to Impeach President Donald J. Trump for breaking the law and disregarding the United States Constitution.

Jimmy Kimmel your liberal logic is simply flawless

I do have one question For Jimmy Kimmel.

In the video below, Kimmel is listed as “Model / Talk Show Host“.

Since I never watch the show the “Host” part is self-evident, but “Model“?

Does Jimmy Kimmel “Model” the latest fashion trends in Straight Jackets?

Here’s Another Perfect Example of TDS Liberal Logic: Illinois Democrat State Senator Sorry, NOT Sorry For Mock Trump Assassination


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