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Lady Gaga, Robert De Niro, Jennifer Lopez, and other high-profile Hollywood celebrities have teamed up to prey on people scared of COVID by promoting some Coronavirus fearmongering scam called the ‘WELL Health-Safety Seal’ of approval.
The La La Land celebs posted a commercial vaguely describing the ‘WELL Health-Safety Seal’.
The supposed ‘WELL Health-Safety Seal’ of approval turns out to be an expensive endorsement for business owners that many are panning as useless.

The ‘WELL Health-Safety Seal’ COVID fearmongering

With canned generic corporate-style music plays in the background, the video opens with Jennifer Lopez saying:
“If you want to get back to your favorite places and feel confident they have put your health and safety first,”
Other recognizable celebs then start chiming with their COVID fearmongering, shrieking “look for the WELL Health-Safety Seal.”
Egregious TDS infected Robert De Niro later appears saying:

“Everything may look the same, but the WELL Health-Safety Seal means that your health and safety are top of mind,”

The ad, which was directed by none other than race-baiter extraordinaire Spike Lee.

Only vaguely explains what this seal actually is, and says nothing about the supposed methods to ‘keep you safe’ but one thing is perfectly clear.

These La La Land Liberals are pushing a scam that preys on a world that has spent the past year living in fear of being infected with the Coronavirus.

The ad claims that every business from stadiums to banks to your grandma’s bathroom is mentioned as a possible place where COVID could be hiding unless…’dum-dum-DUMMMM’…

The ‘WELL Health-Safety Seal’ touts itself as telling you that you’re safe because of the IWBI’s approved “cleaning and sanitizing procedures,” “emergency preparedness programs” and “health services”.

Of course, the CIVID vaccine is supposed to protect you from being infected, but F**K Facts. Because you’ll never truly FEEL safe until you see that ‘WELL Health-Safety Seal’ sticker in the window.

Paul Scialla, the founder of IWBI’s (International WELL Building Institute) parent company Delos, who appears in the video promising that the safety endorsement is based on “years of input and research.”

We found it hysterical, that after doing a little research, Paul Scialla’s LinkedIn page states that he had an 18-year-career on Wall Street.

Which fits in perfectly as to why he’s the CEO running a COVID scam since Wall Street stockbrokers are the ultimate snake-oil salesman.

In Our ‘WELL Health-Safety Seal’ YouTube Video, We Asked Only One Question…

How can the ‘WELL Health-Safety Seal‘ ad claim to have done “Years of research”When COVID-19 has only been around for one?

The WELL Health-Safety Seal Scam

The ad’s vagueness and the promise from useless uneducated celebrities giving their seal of approval raised alarms on social media.

The more the La La Land Liberals ‘WELL Health-Safety Seal’ ad appeared, the more “new world order” mocking took place.

Some social media users pointing out some inconvenient truths about this seal.

Of course, one has to wonder how much these celebrities were paid? We know one La La land TDS celebrity who would jump at the chance to get in on a rich quick scam targeting American’s fearful of COVID.
As TuskerDaily previously reported, Robert De Niro, the expletive spewing La La Land Liberal wants a pity party thrown in his honor, claiming that the coronavirus has decimated his finances.
The Trump-hating TDS actor appeared in court via Skype after his estranged wife Grace Hightower asked for an emergency order to raise her monthly credit card limit from $50,000 to $100,000.
De Niro had previously halved that amount after De Niro’s lawyers claimed that the actor’s financial status had been significantly damaged by Covid-19.

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