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Elizabeth Warren joined her Delusional Democrat colleague Bernie Sanders in screeching ‘America Is Racist’ at last nights Democratic debate.


The Massachusetts senator spoke Friday night at ABC’s Democratic debates in New Hampshire where she emphasized the need to correct racism within the United States.

As we reported earlier Elizabeth Warren’s comments came after fellow delusional Democrat and Socialist Bernie Sanders said that “we have a racist society from top to bottom.”

“You have to own up to the facts, and it’s important to own up to the facts about how race has totally permeated our criminal justice system,” she said.

“You know, for the exact same crimes, study after study now shows that African-Americans are more likely than whites to be detained, to be arrested, to be taken to trial, to be wrongfully convicted, and to receive harsher sentences.”

“We need to rework our criminal justice system from the very front end on what we make illegal all the way through the system and how we help people come back into the community,” Warren added. “But we cannot just say that criminal justice is the only time we want to talk about race specifically.”

“We need to start having race-conscious laws,” 

Of course, this comes from a woman who just saw six minorities walk out of Elizabeth Warren’s Nevada campaign in protest over how they were treated like ‘token minorities’ instead of people with valuable insights.

Three of them said they felt marginalized by the campaign, a situation they said didn’t change or worsened after they took their concerns to their superiors or to human resources staff.

But Elizabeth Warren still had the audacity to lecture America, when she can’t even control the racism of the 70 people employed at her liberal Nevada headquarters?


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