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President Trump tweeted out a video of an elderly black man who spoke the truth when he proudly stated ‘I’m voting for Donald Trump because the man kept his promise and everything he said he’d do…He did’

The unidentified man ripped into Joe Biden saying ‘That Criminal? For 47-years he did nothing for the black man’

And in a blow to Twitter, Facebook, CNN, MSNBC, and the rest of the fake news mainstream media. After spending the last two-weeks trying desperately to cover-up the Hunter Biden emails, text messages, photo’s and lest we forget Joe Biden’s degenerate drug-addicted son’s homemade porn movie.

This elderly man, who doesn’t seem to be the type to be surfing the web, certainly is up to date on Joe Biden’s corruption in China.

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Watch What could be the best Trump ad EVER…even if it’s not an ad!


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