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Watch this video of Mike Bloomberg talking about his Death Panel healthcare plan and you’ll understand why this vertically challenged arse needed to buy his way into the 2020 Presidential elections.


Between his telling a pregnant woman to “Kill It,” and his need to use ‘Bloomberg Billionaire Bucks” to hide his other Misogynist, Racist and Sexually deviant beliefs.

The more this imbecile speaks the more people will realize what a Billionaire low-life he truly is.

Watch as Mike Bloomberg explains to a group of Jewish voters that if you’re 95-years-old with prostate cancer then “Have a nice life” or what’s left of it because you shouldn’t get any healthcare.

Who made this moronic munchkin God?

Of course, if he wasn’t a billionaire D-bag and it was his 95-year-old mother, I’m sure he would have a very different point of view.

Even if you believe in this sort of ‘Death-Panel‘ idiocy, any normal person would keep it to themselves, but not Democrat mental midget Michael Bloomberg.

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