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Lately, President Biden has thought himself to be witty thinking he is trolling conservatives. Biden has called the GOP Ultra MAGA and the part of MAGA.

President Biden was speaking in Chicago, Illinois addressing inflation during a union function.

Biden tried to attack former President Trump and claimed he is successfully fixing inflation.

“Under my predecessor, the great MAGA king, the deficit increased every single year he was President.  The first year of my presidency — the first year, I reduced the deficit — literally reduced the deficit by $350 billion.  First year,” Biden said. “And this year — and this year, we’re on track to cut the federal deficit by 1 trillion 500 billion dollars — the biggest decline in debt ever in American history.”

First off, Biden is lying, before the pandemic America had the greatest economy ever recorded and since Joe took office he’s driven it into the ground.

Biden thought he was insulting conservatives when he called Trump “the great MAGA king” but instead they embraced it and started poking back at Biden.

On his social media platform “Truth Social” Trump started posting The Great MAGA King memes trolling Biden.

Biden’s entire speech was one big fat failing talking point.

“I believe in bipartisanship. Right now, the majority of our Republican friends just see things differently. They don’t want to solve inflation — inflation by lowering the costs,” Biden said.

The next morning news broke that his administration canceled more oil production leases in the Gulf of Mexico and Alaska which will drive up energy costs.

Joe is chiding conservatives because the last thing he wants you to think about is what’s happened since he’s taken office.


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