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The White House trotted out their FDA Commissioner Robert Califf to appear on CNN and he stuck his foot in his mouth. Califf said that there is no baby formula shortage just a “distribution problem.”

Correspondent Kaitlan Collins asked Califf, “why the FDA didn’t take more aggressive action” months ago. The FDA said that production is at 70% and the real issue is at the distribution level and once again blamed parents for buying too much.

What’s even more egregious is that Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said the exact opposite the day before on CBS’s “Face The Nation” with host, Margaret Brennan.

Brennan asked, “How is the administration making sure that those essential ingredients that are actually required for something like formula are actually available?”

“So a shortage of ingredients is not what led to the shutdown of the facility–,” Pete said as he was interrupted by Brennan.

“No, it is a factor that has led to price. Inflation is one of the factors among many that has been blamed for months of problems with baby formula even before the recall in February,” Brennan responded.

“Right, but America has the productive capacity to create the baby formula that we need. I think what–,” Buttigieg answered and began to blame private businesses.

They are all starting to point the fingers at each other because people are getting angry including the Speaker of the House.

Now, I understand, I may be speculating a bit but during a press conference, it appears Pelosi may have shot one over the bow of the Biden administration.

Pelosi was asked about the shortage during a press conference House Democrats called in an attempt for them to appear as if they care about the failing economy (that they caused).

The event was clearly meant to show that House Democrats are “trying” to do something in hopes of stopping the bleeding before the midterms. However, the White House is a hot mess and it’s fairly clear that the formula shortage was their fault.

When Pelosi was asked she chose her words carefully and acted like she was angry.

“I think there might be a need for indictment,” Pelosi said.

Notice Pelosi did not mention holding companies accountable which is what we’ve heard the past few weeks.

She specifically said, “at least for me” then left her colleagues out of it, “I think there might be a need for indictment.”

If that’s not a “hey Biden get your crap together or I’m going to make your life miserable” I don’t know what is.


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