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Where’s the media screeching Joe Biden is a racist who is Herding Migrant Children and, illegal immigrants, under the Anzalduas International Bridge in Texas like they were farm animals?

Lately, I’ve been watching a great YouTube channel about Gold Shaw Farm that’s located in Peacham, Vermont.

And if you take anything away from watching this series is how the owners’ Morgan Gold and Allison Ebrahimi treat their farm animals more humanely and with far more respect than the Biden Administration shows toward these migrants.

If Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (D-NY) and her flock of simpleminded socialist Democrats thought Trump was running a concentration camp at the border.

Then what does AOC call President Joe Biden herding children and adults under a bridge like a gaggle of migrants? Of course, we may never know since she’s far too busy crying that describing the migrant border crisis as a ‘surge” is advocating for ‘white supremacy.

An “insider” video leaked to Project Veritas shows migrants at the US-Mexico border apparently being held in a fenced-off area under a bridge.

The video is the latest evidence that the Biden administration has no idea how to turn around the out-of-control immigration crisis that President Joe Biden caused.

The clip, which was posted on social media on Thursday, shows dozens of migrants “of all ages” laying in the dirt with mylar blankets.

James O’Keefe, the founder of undercover-journalism outfit Project Veritas, said the leaked footage was shot under the Anzalduas International Bridge in Granjeno, Texas.

Anzalduas International Bridge, Mission, TX
Anzalduas International Bridge, Mission, TX

Biden Herding Migrant Children Like Farm Animals

According to the insider, the area under the bridge is being used as a makeshift migrant-processing center by the US Customs and Border Patrol (CBP). The bridge connects the area around Mission, McAllen, and Hidalgo, Texas, to Reynosa, Mexico.

The video’s release comes less than two weeks after Project Veritas and Axios posted leaked photos of migrant children crowded into a Texas detention facility, spurring public outrage over “inhumane and unacceptable” conditions.

Joe Biden’s Migrant Border Crisis

The US has seen a surge in illegal migration to its southern border, including a record influx of unaccompanied children since President Joe Biden took office in January. Biden immediately softened border policies, including allowing all unaccompanied minors to stay in the US.

The resulting flood of child migrants arriving at the border has left the administration unable to process the minors in a timely fashion. Children have reportedly been forced to sleep on the floor, go hungry and go days without seeing the sun.

Biden and members of his administration such as White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki have tried to downplay the situation, avoiding the use of the word “crisis,”.

They also tried to blame former President Donald Trump for causing the current conditions.

When asked directly last month whether he believes there is a crisis at the border, Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas said, “I think that the -– the answer is no. I think there is a challenge at the border that we are managing, and we have our resources dedicated to managing it.”

O’Keefe also posted still photos of the scene, including some of the children, under the bridge in Granjeno. Conservatives pounced on the images as more evidence of Biden’s failed policies. Author Dinesh D’Souza said: “Joe Biden has long been touting his ‘humane’ immigration policy. Apparently, this is what he meant.”

Democrats, most of the mainstream media, as well as the La-La land liberal Hollywood hypocrites who for four years blasted CBP and conditions at the border during Trump’s presidency but now have become mute?

It’s amazing how they’re all suddenly deaf and dumb to the inhumane conditions inside and now outside of Joe Biden’s Migrant Children camps.

“What madness is unfolding at the border under the guise of ‘humanitarian’ concerns?” journalist Libby Emmons asked.


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