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Bernie Sanders was recently confronted by a New Hampshire voter for prioritizing illegals over legal American workers and calling for Open borders.


Bernie Sanders flip-flopping on illegal aliens and open borders has been well documented over the decades in Congress.

Bernie Sanders current position, which I’m sure will change if he wins the Democratic nomination, is he’s willing to take jobs away from the American workers in order to help illegal immigrants.

This despite Bernie Sanders once admitting that illegal immigration drives down wages.

If the “open borders” advocates got their way, he once said, it would “substantially lower wages in this country.

But since he’s been running for President Sanders has embraced the open borders agenda of the liberal leftist he used to criticize.

This agenda puts illegals ahead of hardworking Americans.

Notice in the video below that Bernie never answered the question.

Even though after three-years in office President Trump has made no attempt to do so. 

Bernie Sanders ignored the ‘explain why you flip-flop on illegal immigration’ question, and instead blamed President Trump for wanting to throw all 11-million (really 20+ million) illegal immigrants out of the country.

Take note of Bernie Sanders’ Clinton like word game deception.

Bernie said “That means everyone in the world come come in.” I never said that.

How Bernie makes his ‘open border’ claims true in his mind is he’s willing to have strict immigration policies on people coming from Canada, or Europe, while also letting anyone coming from Central America free to waltz right into America no questions asked.

Ergo Bernie Sanders can claim he’s not for an open borders policy.


But just last year Bernie Sanders was in Las Vegas promising:

  • End deportations of Illegal Aliens.
  • Decriminalize illegal aliens crossing the U.S. border.
  • Stop ICE raids on illegal immigrants.

Saying You’re Not For Open Borders Doesn’t Make It So

Bernie over the past two years also proposed:

  • Eliminating The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).
  • Allowing all illegal immigrants to vote.
  • Give illegal immigrants drivers licenses.
  • Criminal Illegal Immigrants should not be deported.
  • Free healthcare to all illegal immigrants.
  • Free grade school and college education for all illegal immigrants.

Yes, Bernie Sanders can claim he’s not an Open Borders guy, but that doesn’t make it so.

Making illegally crossing the U.S. border no longer a crime, and eliminating the agency in charge of rounding up illegal immigrants, what would any rational person call Bernie Sanders’ policies?


Bernie Flip-Flopping On Illegals Taking American Jobs And Lowering Wages 

In 2015 Bernie Claims that Illegal Immigrants don’t lower wages or takes American workers jobs

But Bernie didn’t think the same way before running for President

But in 2013 Bernie was singing a different tune that by allowing thousands of illegal (guest) immigrants into the USA they’re stealing jobs from American workers.

Bernie also said the same thing in 2007 when Bernie Sanders was on Fox News Lou Dobbs (like we’ll ever see that again) saying Illegals (guest) are lowering the wages of middle class Americans.

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