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Elizabeth Warren likes to talk. She’s interested in undoing a lot of things that are currently done in business and government. Talk and action are two different things. If she takes action on these, her own party may throw her out.

She wants to:

  • Rewrite lobbying laws to restrict corporate influence;
  • Block US Congressmen from retiring to the private sector as lobbyists for six years to make dramatically more money;
  • Ban US firms lobbying for foreign governments;
  • Broaden the definition of a lobbyist to anybody paid to influence legislators;
  • Impose new taxes on whatever amount she deems appropriate as “excessive;”
  • Limit the influence of industry officials to control regulation;
  • Ban lobbyists from fund raising activities;
  • Ban Congress and senior officials from trading stocks;
  • Dictate that congressional staffers be paid equal to the private sector;
  • In court cases involving public health or safety, the courts should not be able to use sealed documents to conceal evidence; and
  • The public should be allowed to sue the government.

The lawmaker with 1024th Cherokee blood wants to “scalp” the lobbyists but her sweeping platform leaves a lot of questions. Would the average person be able to donate $20 to the lawmaker of their choice? What is her definition of “excessive?”

Industry officials should most certainly have a say in what regulations are imposed on them. If they can’t make money, there’s no reason for them to exist – or is that exactly what she wants to do? Simply eliminate those businesses she doesn’t like?

“Today, I’m announcing a comprehensive set of far-reaching and aggressive proposals to root out corruption in Washington,” Warren said. She doesn’t tell anyone that President Trump has been calling for many of the same lobbying reforms himself.

She explained that “comprehensive anti-corruption reforms targeted at Washington itself are necessary to finally end the stranglehold that the wealthy and the well-connected have over our government’s decision making processes.” Does she realize that her own party are the ones taking the most advantage of the current set up? Did Pocahontas go renegade? She sure seems to be off the reservation on this one.

Organizations and others spent $3.42 billion on lobbying in 2018, the highest in eight years the The Center for Responsive Politics reported.

Warren is one of many with Trump Derangement Syndrome. She hates that he can still control his businesses, wanting Presidents to put their assets in blind trusts to be sold with others taking care of assets that could present conflicts. Trump has actually ceded his businesses to his sons while maintaining ownership.

T-Mobile recently won the approval to merge with Sprint. She was upset they “sent its top executives to the Trump Hotel in DC right after the company announced a merger.”

As Mitch McConnell put it recently, don’t be so myopic. Something you put in place today that supposedly would hurt the Republicans may just come back to hurt YOU instead.

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