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by Daveda Gruber:

Some people say the ‘Government Shutdown’ is nothing. We will recover. It won’t be long.

I say that the mainstream media, like it or not, is publicizing this as a ‘Trump Shutdown’. That is a big problem.

Trump supporters will support Trump and call this the ‘Schumer Shutdown’ (#SchumerShutdown). This is easy for logical people.

What is not easy, is to convince those who have never watched FOX News or read news from the pro-Trump side, to even consider that this is not President Trump’s fault. It is¬†inconceivable to them that Chuck Schumer could be at fault.

There are two definitive sides in this country. We do not have a unified America. That, my friends, is a problem.

It is not good when I go to have my nails done and some people around me laugh that I support Trump.

It’s not funny when some of my neighbors ask me, how can I support Trump?

Of course there are others who think as I do and are on the same side of the fence as me.

My problem is that I live in Pennsylvania. My state had not gone red in 28 years. There are still Liberals here. They speak out. Trump supporters are laughed at by these ignorant people who will not listen to common sense.

I’ve tried to turn these people around. I boast about the good our president has done. They can’t accept it.

The ‘Government Shutdown’ is Trump’s fault according to them.

I want to pull my hair out as I fight for what I believe in but truth is seen two ways.

I am told that my own party does not agree with each other. That is true. I can’t change that.

Republicans all over this country must vote with knowledge. The American Republicans must vote for team players.

Five Republican senators voted no on the bill that would shutdown the government. On the other side, five Democrats voted yes.

How can the party with the majority in the House and Senate and has a sitting president not unite? At least the House voted yes on the bill. Of course they knew it was going to the Senate for final approval.

Okay, it takes 60 votes so we needed a few Democrats on this one, but we don’t even have all of our own party.

All Republicans should have voted yes.

John McCain could not vote because of illness. I’d bet he would not have voted yes anyway. How did he ever get elected?

There is nothing in the bill that puts immigration on the table. Why in the world would anyone vote against it? Everyone on both sides should have read the bill. Isn’t that what they are paid to do? Not one Democrat read it.

Our military’s paychecks are dependent on this bill. Sick children are dependent on it. And yet, senators who really want everything in this bill, voted against it.

This is a political blame game. Many just wanted President Trump to not have a good anniversary of his first year in office. This is not the way government should be run.

Of course, there are many other issues I have with government, on both sides, but that would require me to write a book…

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  1. I still can’t believe it’s legal for these idiots to get paid the kind of money they do and be allowed to vote on something they haven’t read.

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