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Can Someone Explain How A City That Has Its Own Poop App To Help San Francisco Resident’s Avoid Stepping Into A Pile Of Excrement, Became The ‘Healthiest City In America’?


New report names from a credit check website “WalletHub” listed San Francisco, California as their Healthiest city in America.

I assume WalletHub missed the endless articles reporting on San Francisco’s homeless crisis, their drug epidemic and the unsanitary streets where people no longer leave their hearts, but rather their poop behind.

Despite WalletHub being a credit score website, it turned its attention recently to grading cities in the United States based on how ‘healthy’ they are.

According to their supposed experts San Francisco hysterically came out on top.

San Francisco got the highest scores of any city when it came to green spaces and food. It ranked No. 4 in fitness and No. 29th in health.

Each of those ranks was given a score and when the numbers were crunched San Francisco came out with a top score of 73.99.

In another report WalletHub ranked San Francisco with their 48% white, and 6% black population the #15 most diverse city in America.


Did Stuttering Alcoholic Nancy Pelosi Promise WalletHub Free Drinks?

In 2018, reported on San Francisco’s sanitation department found a 20-pound bag of poop that someone graciously left them on one of the street corners.

In July 2019, NBC sent journalists on a pretty crappy adventure in my opinion.

In the video (below) titled ‘Walking San Francisco’s Dirty Streets,’ NBC documented how the city by the bay streets was littered with used drug needles, feces and garbage.

As we had written in an article published last December, the city’s Public Works Department reported over 30,000 cases of “human or animal waste” in public, and That’s AN INCREASE OVER 2018.

But what the hell, I assume WalletHub just went with their liberal leftist ‘Feelings over Facts’ to produce their incredibly shitty report.

Please Note: Wallethub made Seattle Their number two ‘Healthiest U.S. City.” Maybe They missed our article Liberals In Action: Seattle Can’t Decide On How To Remove Human Feces From Their Sidewalks

Watch NBC’s ‘Walking San Francisco’s Dirty Streets’

Fox News also did an investigative report last summer on the overflow of homeless citizens in San Francisco.

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