A Video: 9/11 Remembered

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While others remember today, I remember too. I was a big part of this beautiful book that is displayed in the video that I created many years ago. I wrote poetry and did the formatting. My desire was wanting to help the firefighters who survived and the families of those who lost their lives. The need to do something was felt by me and so I acted.

Publishing with Passion is proud to present our release ‘9-11 Remembered’. You will find some of the world’s finest writers who have written about that fatal day on 9/11 and some patriotic poetry for this great land. The Poets of the world famous poetry site, ‘Poetry with Passion’ have collaborated to present this masterpiece to you. The front Cover was designed by Graphic Art Designer, Helen McManus, and depicts the towers before the fell, on that horrific day, with the ‘Angel of Grief’ crying for the people who would lose their lives. The heart represents the love that God felt for his children who were about to meet their maker. The back cover was formatted by me to display the writers who donated their work. All of the proceeds of this book go to the NYC Firefighter’s Fund.

Buy a copy for this most deserving charity fund. The book is available at all the regular places you find books.

People do things for other people in times of tragedy. Why can’t we be kind everyday? I am a doer, a giver. I am happy to do for others. It gives me joy to know I have helped others in some way.


President Trump has finally given us the hope that this extreme Islamic terrorism will not reach us as easily ever again.

All the writers you will see in this video have given to those who were in need. Please watch the video. The music doesn’t belong to us but we thought it was so appropriate for this video production.

God bless the U.S.A., may we NEVER FORGET.

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