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by Joshua Krishnamoorthi:

What we people expect from a politician when he became a government servant? Everybody expect the politician should be honest, simple and the most he should not be corrupt..But according to opinion and our past observation, almost 99% of politicians are corrupt and selfish, earn money in an illegal way. Their aim is to use the political power, see their own welfare and do nothing for the people. Their promises are written in water, forget the kind people who voted to them during election.This is the political story we are watching for many decades seeing only the false promises made, this culture may or may not change we do not know.


But on the other side one in a million we found a true politician and leader without any corruption mind, try their level best to do good for the people.The true politician takes risk and try to implement their promises made during election for the country. This kind of category people are very rare in the society and one President Donald Trump is of this category a recent report shows.

Basically Donald trump was a rich man before coming to election and his business are in the world. A recent report says Trump’s hotel industry earned income lower than about 36% less revenue compare to earlier. Even though lot of challenges to his government, Trump a great man, not bothered about his own business, got more involved in the official work and put his continues effort to improve the Americans life in the world through various schemes and his mind is only on America and Americans and not for money at all.

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Secondly as a true politician, Trump announced lot of reforms and good policy measures to the people but lot of challenges from different quarters including lawmakers for the implementation.The haters tried to disturb his actions and policies, spreading fake news in the minds of the people thus these haters are trying to divide US..One has to admire Donald Trump is continuously putting his sincere efforts for the implementation of these welfare measures. Now the time has come to understand the reality of Trump’s policies and reforms which are good and helpful for Americans but not for the illegal people who settled earlier and are those trying to disturb peace in America.

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It is a message to Americans, do not believe and follow haters and illegal people, forget the past. At least now all should come together, think and support President Donald Trump to make America great again.



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  1. Joshua, I would be more than happy to proofread your commentary and correct your English before you put it in print whenever you need me to….for free. Your articles are great but you need help with english grammar. Just email me. After a few times, you will not need me. 🙂


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