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by J. Krishna Moorthi:

President Donald Trump’s new national security strategy, announced on Monday, describing India as a “leading global power ” while identifying China, Russia, and Islamism as main threats. The Trump administration said it will deepen the U.S.’s strategic partnership with India and support its leadership role in maintaining security in the Indo-Pacific region.

The 68-page document said the U.S. will seek to increase quadrilateral cooperation with Japan, Australia, and India. ” We welcome India’s emergence as a global power and stronger strategic and defense partner,” said the NSS unveiled by Trump on Monday. “We will expand our defense and security cooperation with India, a major defense partner of the United States, and support India’s growing relationships throughout the region,” the NSS said, noting that its vision for Indo-Pacific excludes no nation.

An India-U.S. defense relationship was mentioned in the context of Indo-Pacific region where it gave a very prominent role to India in South and Central Asia. “We will deepen our strategic partnership with India and support its leadership role in Indian Ocean security and throughout the broader region, according to the NSS which the White House said sets a positive strategic direction for the U.S.

India finds a mention as a partner in Trump’s plans for South and Central Asia and Indo-Pacific, while China is named as a threat in both sections. The document said America “will help South Asian nations maintain their sovereignty as China increases its influence in the region.” Many countries in the Indo-pacific were looking to the U.S. for leadership even as “Chinese dominance risks diminishing the sovereignty of many states in the region,” it noted. China and Russia, it says “are determined to make economics less free and less fair. to grow their military’s and to control information and data to repress their societies and expand their influence.” The document also underscores the warning to Pakistan.




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