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Twitter stocks plunged by12 percent on Monday as the company pays a heavy toll for banning President Trump and for Big Tech’s war to silence Conservatives.

The tech giant paid a heavy price as their stocks plunged, which cost Twitter Inc. $5 billion in market value on the first day of trading after it permanently suspended President Trump.

Critics Slam Twitter For Their Purging of Conservative Voices

Free speech advocates on both sides of the aisle lambasted Big Tech companies like Google, Apple, and Amazon after they scrubbed the Parler app from the internet.

The Trump-friendly free speech platform tweeted Monday: ‘Twitter lost $4 Billion today. LOL.’

Fox News host Jeanine Pirro argued Parler’s de-platforming ‘is akin to a Kristallnacht‘.

In 1938, Nazis in Germany and Austria vandalized Jewish homes, schools, and businesses during an attack that became known as Kristallnacht.

 ‘They gave us a taste of this pre-election when they suppressed the Hunter Biden story. And now that they’ve won, what we’re seeing is a kind of censorship that is akin to a Kristallnacht, where they decide what we can communicate about.’

Donald Trump Jr. said it was a ‘purge of conservative ideas and thought leaders.’

Piers Morgan wrote:

‘It has been quite sinister to witness the speed in which the tech world has conspired to use the Capitol riot to silence not just Trump but entire right-wing social media platforms like Parler which has been effectively driven offline by Google, Apple and Amazon.’

American Civil Liberties Union lawyer Ben Wizner told The New York Times:

‘There is a difference between a social media platform like Twitter…deciding who its members are and what its guidelines should be, and a company like Amazon that really hold the keys to the internet.’

Wizner also pointed to a 2019 quote by Cloudflare CEO Matthew Prince who said:

‘I woke up in a bad mood and decided someone shouldn’t be allowed on the internet… No one should have that power.’

Parler Sues Amazon

As TuskerDaily reported earlier, Parler announced it’s suing Amazon for antitrust violations after the site was scrubbed from the web overnight.

Parler CEO John Matze insists he was doing more than Facebook and Twitter to remove violence and critics slam the ‘purge of free speech’.

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  1. Perhaps these “big wheelers and dealers” are getting an idea of what it means to ‘buck’ half the people in the United States. They actually believe Biden and Company won the election — what’s that old childhood expression — “cheaters never prosper” :^)

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