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Well, ‘This should go well’ as Twitter reveals plans for a new feature to flag ‘lies & misinformation’.

The Democrats and CNN better be on high alert.


Twitter is experimenting with features that will supposedly help identify tweets containing lies with community help, but the social media giant’s track record of bias and questionable banning standards has users concerned.

Tweets that spread “lies” or “misinformation” will be highlighted for users with a bright-colored warning that is nearly the same size as the offending post, according to a report from NBC News. The changes are supposedly part of a policy revamp at Twitter, scheduled to go into effect next month.

The leaked demo includes a tweet about gun background checks by Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., an example of medical misinformation and a tweet about whistleblowers by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif.

Just a side note the Kevin McCarthy tweet was in fact spot on, factually.

So I’m not sure why Twitter would use this an example?

Unless, of course, Twitter believes speaking factually is considered harmful information, which we already know is in Democratic circles it is.


Just a few questions for Twitter

  • Who are these “community” judges, juries and executioners you’re talking about?
  • How will they be chosen?
  • Which “Fact-checkers and journalists” will be able to decide which tweets promote “misleading” or “harmful” information?

A Twitter spokesperson told NBC that the site will be testing “many different ways” to combat “misinformation.”

“Community Notes” section also gives users the ability to earn points based on being a “good neighbor,” which is apparently a Twitter euphemism for someone who flags other people’s tweets.

Well, that should go over well.

Twitter is also considering handing out community badges that would be rewarded to those who act in “good faith” when targeting offending tweets.

The point system is meant to prevent “bad actors” from abusing it. Considering how much political fighting there is on Twitter, odds that this tool will be abused are close to 100 percent, however.

Twitter has already put in a new policy in place last month banning tweets that share “manipulated media.”

That, however, could mean anything from deep fakes to memes such as that of President Donald Trump giving a medal to the military dog Conan, an obviously humorous and trolling tweet that was quickly “fact-checked” by reporters anyway.

A source said that Twitter is now considering a ban on Mike Bloomberg’s latest tweet because Mayor Munchkin added in crickets sounds to his Democratic debate video

So I guess I can expect this video that we made for our sister site won’t go over too well with the Twitter overlords?

Or one of our special Mad Maxine Waters graphics.


And lord knows if Twitter ever did a search for our AOC graphics.

AOC I'm with stupid shirt

Democrats Clueless Caucus Squad

And I’m sure they’ll be emailing to inform me, that despite what I believe, President Donald J. Trump isn’t Capt. America.


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