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During the pity party MSNBC’s Rachael Maddow threw Elizabeth Warren the other day, the two were throwing around accusations of America being ripe with misogyny and sexism.

But while MadCow opined to Warren that ‘women were on their couches today weeping that America won’t be electing a woman President in 2020,’ there’s still a Democrat woman running in 2020.

While Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) may be riding in the trunk of the Democrats clown car of 2020 candidates, and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) changed its rules again to keep it that way.

The fact is she’s still running in 2020, no matter how much Pocahontas and their stuttering alcoholic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi whine about America being a Misogynist nation.

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The DNC announced Friday that it had changed its qualifications for the next debate in a move that solely blocks Gabbard from taking the stage against frontrunners Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and former Vice President Joe Biden.

Tulsi Gabbard Blasts Bernie and Biden

On Friday night, Gabbard reacted to the DNC’s maneuvering and called on her opponents to have the “courage” to “stand up for what is right” after the party locked her out.

Rep. Gabbard won two delegates on Super Tuesday, which would have qualified her for the debate stage under previous DNC rules.

But with low polling numbers and two clear front-runners in Sanders and Biden, the DNC up the threshold for qualifying for their next Democratic Presidential debate.

The DNC announced Friday that the only qualifying factor for the next debate would be that a candidate must hold “at least 20 percent of the delegates awarded as of March 15.” 

Of course, the DNC moving the goalpost means Tulsi Gabbard will be safely locked away in the DNC’s trunk until 2024.

Critics have pointed to the hypocrisy of the DNC pushing Gabbard off the stage, particularly in light of the fact that she is the only veteran, the only person of color, and the only woman remaining in the race for the party that touts itself as the party of diversity.

“To keep me off the stage, the DNC again arbitrarily changed the debate qualifications,” Gabbard tweeted. “Previously they changed the qualifications in the OPPOSITE direction so Bloomberg could debate. I ask that you stand w/ me against the DNC’s transparent effort to exclude me from the debates.”

Despite all the Democrats hyperbole about those evil misogynists Republicans.

The facts remain that the Democrats have two old white men on the verge of dementia leading their party, and they’re treating their only woman of color left running in 2020 as if she should be cooking in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant.

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