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Eyewitness account of the cancelled Trump rally in Chicago:

I am so disheartened. I just got back from what was supposed to be the Trump rally at the UIC. I met lots of wonderful people, we talked, we laughed we looked out for each other as conservatives always do.

Some people got there really early and stood in line for about 10 hrs, the doors opened at 3:00 p.m. A small group of anti-Trump protesters were across the street – no significant problems at that time. By 5:30 p.m. the Pavilion was packed, someone told me it was around 9 thousand people with all tickets sold out.

We waited, we laughed, we talked and waited some more. Then little by little we started to hear word that there were several protest disturbances outside. Another got a picture of at least 1,000 protesters blocking the entrance/exit. Someone received a message that a large load of police had just arrived even though there was already a large number of Chicago Police patrolling. Apparently a number of students (protesters) got tickets to create the usual disturbance that have taken place at other Trump rallies. We heard a warning with instructions on how to peacefully handle any protester that wants to stop Mr. Trump from speaking.
There were no real issues taking place other than a few people were escorted out. In the crowd were a large number of teens and some looked threatening, angry faces – the ones that walk by you with a swagger and make sure you know that they own that space. That’s the nicest way I can describe them. I saw two small fist fights (small and quickly ended).
The programs was to begin at 6:00 p.m. and it was odd that at almost 6:30 no one took the stage (which is odd since Mr. Trump is always on time) and then the Secret Service people left.
At that point we received an announcement that due to security concerns it was impossible for Mr.Trump to get to the Pavilion and that the evenings event was cancelled. All hell broke loose. Those on the right were disappointed but understood and then the left started to taunt and they basically won. The ill bred, ill behaved low life’s WON! Hundreds if not thousands of young (misguided Socialist brain dead) students showed their Bernie signs, hate signs, (even thought signs were not allowed so how they got them in I don’t know) throwing cups and other paper stuff at the audience, chanting their support for Bernie and how we are racists etc.

Basically riots broke out on the floor of the Pavilion, some fist fights and on a few scuffles on the stands. Chaos inside and outside so we were pretty much told that we couldn’t leave because of the danger outside.
By stopping a candidate from giving his message to the people and a candidate that the people support – we have lost this country. I don’t say this because of Trump but is silencing truth, Democracy was just flushed down the toilet. So many out there that think they can do this because they want to overthrow our country and make it into a Socialist/Communist society.
Have we come to this? Were people think that they can do this to American citizens. If you were there I believe you would understand when I say – today we have lost this country.
They blocked the exits from the parking lots so we couldn’t get out. They saw a Trump sign in my car, along with other stickers so they thought it ok to spray my car with some soap stuff, bang all over, blocked me, they had a sit in right in front so I couldn’t get out, they spit at my car, called me names that I would hope if their parents heard they would slap their stupid faces. Obviously they have had little parental training.
After at least 20 minutes of that I was able to get out by Chicago police basically walking my car out to a safe street. I got a police escort out for almost 2 blocks. This is what we have come to.


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  1. This is what our Republic has come too!! America is supposed to be a Republic NOT a Demonracy!! Demonracy = Mob Rule!!
    Kids with no respect!!! I just pray we get America back from the “Entitlement Generation”, that thinks everyone else owes them something! Bullshit, no one owes you PUNKS anything but a good ass kicking and jail!!

    • Keep up the good work!
      The Left believes that they (and they alone) have the Right of Free Speech. You don’t.
      That type of person is actually like a blight on the American landscape; they get what they want, but you can’t have what you want. And, if something doesn’t go their way, they scream and cry and riot like a child; an Adult Child throwing a violent fit because they didn’t get their way.

      Sadly, “their way” is not their way as it came to them through the Social/Communist/Progressive/Liberal/Democrat Activist Wire. And that Wire is funded by the likes of Soros and others.

      All I can say is keep up the good work and remember:
      1 Peter 2:15-16 (KJV)
      “For so is the will of God, that with well doing ye may put to silence the ignorance of foolish men: As free, and not using your liberty for a cloke of maliciousness, but as the servants of God.”

      The United Voice.org

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